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Friday, September 5, 2008

BLOCKBUSTER TWO WEEK EVENT with internationally renowned Clairvoyant Advisor, Melissa Alvarez.

Monday through Friday of August 28 through September 11, Melissa will answer a SINGLE QUESTION reading per day to one lucky winner.

The owner of A Psychic Haven, Melissa was previously certified by the Psychic Society International, is a member in good standing of the Online Psychics and Divination Readers and The Ethical Readers Directory, is an approved clairvoyant at The Lotus Circle, is listed in Bob Olsen’s Best Psychic Directory (take a deep breath,) and ranks in the top ten on She is the founder of International Paranormal Fiction Month and is a Spirituality & Publishing Expert at

Melissa recently appeared on the nationally syndicated radio show, Your Time With Kim Iverson.

As if that weren’t enough! Award winning author, graphic artist and website designer, Melissa Alvarez writes as Ariana Dupré, and currently has three novels published with Cerridwen Press: Talgorian Prophecy, Paradise Designs in the Beneath A Christmas Moon Anthology, and Night Visions, which became a multiple award winning title when published by her own publishing company New Age Dimensions.

Upcoming nonfiction titles include, Handwriting Analysis To Go and Color Power To Go, which will be available from The Lotus Circle.

Melissa is currently working on putting her psychic mentoring program into a book.

Here’s how the contest works.There are two levels of giveaways.
First, the daily question. Post to the blog and you’re in the drawing for a SINGLE QUESTION psychic reading. All questions will be asked and answered on the blog, so be sure your query isn’t too personal for public posting. (Anyone needing more personal help is advised to visit Melissa’s website at This segment of the contest will run Monday through Friday of the two week event.

Once you’ve won a SINGLE QUESTION psychic reading you are not eligible to win another SINGLE QUESTION reading. Please, no entering under different names or different email address.

Winning a SINGLE QUESTION psychic reading does not affect your eligibility for the second contest. The second level of giveaways is the books I’ll be giving away at the end of each week.

WEEK ONE: I’ll give away on e-copy of Talgorian Prophecy.
WEEK TWO: I’ll give away an e-copy of Night Visions. Names will be drawn from all bloggers for that week.

Remember, winners of the daily SINGLE QUESTION readings are still eligible for the book giveaways.
The fun isn’t over!

There’s a big extra perk, the ASK ME ANYTHING segment of this event. Throughout the two weeks, bloggers can ask Melissa any questions relating to metaphysics and writing. She can talk about anything from publishing to metaphysics.

For a full description of the topics Melissa can cover, visit her website

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