It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult. - Seneca

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Hi All, I want to start of by apologizing for neglecting my BookWyrm friends and my blog in general, but I honestly have a good reason! Its been an interesting few weeks to say the least, and I'll start off by telling you WHY I haven't been on lately.
Two weeks ago on a thursday around midnight I heard my cat screaming, so I went to the door to try and call her in. The moment I flicked on the light a stray ran away but my cat wouldn't come off the chair she was laying on. So, thinking she could be hurt I went out to check her out. She seemed fine, and as I looked at her I felt something rub on my leg. Well, I turned around and put my hand down, because vicious cats don't rub up against you, do they? Well, as my hand touched the top of the cats head he went ballistic, lunged at me, and grabbed hold of me with his back paws. By the time I was able to fling him off I had 5 deep punctures and numerous scratches. As murphy's law would have it, I also got a nasty infection. My hand was three times its normal size and I couldn'tt move my fingers- at all. The pain was much worse than I had ever imagined it could be. And its amazing what you can't do without both hands. Anyway, Friday night I went to the doctors and to see my little brother who was getting ready to leave on a trip to England and Germany . Needless to say I was in agony and dreading the long ride home so we left pretty early.We got home about 10:30- and we all, except for my oldest son who went to his room at the back of the house, never made it much further than our living room and den. I put on my PJ's and laid down w/a bunch of pillows on the sofa in our den which is beside our living room and near the front door. My husband was in the living room watching TV and my two little one's were asleep in there too. About an hour later I thought I saw a shadow go by the window but didn't pay much attntion to it. Next thing, I'm jarred awake because I thought I heard someone bang on our door, but I'm still kind of out of it and wasn't sure if I was dreaming it or not. I yelled into the living room to ask my husband if he heard it but he was sound asleep, so I figured it was my imagination or the medicine I was taking. So, I laid back down. Next thing I know our door bell is ringing off the hook, and my husband jumps up, and goes to the door. Remember its about 11:30pm- So I ask who it is, because I can't imagine who would be at our door at this hour of the night. My husband says, its a STATE TROOPER, well my heart sank. Why do troopers come to your door in the middle of the night? well, its never good. So at first he's leary about opening the door and letting him in because you can never be too safe, but he convinced him he was who he said he was, and then we saw the gun- a huge shotgun, and he proceeded to say- "you need to get out of your house, and you need to get out now!" well my husband says, "what for?" and the trooper says, "your next door neighbor is suicidal and she is shooting at police and towards your house." So anyway, we had to get out of our house w/out anyone knowing. I ran upstairs to get my oldest because his room is right where she was shooting. We weren't allowed to turn on any lights. Or change into clothes or anything. We left in what we were wearing. No shoes, jackets nothing. The trooper rushed us into the garage and told us to lay the kids down in the back seat. We got into our van, and the trooper told us to keep our heads down and to follow him up the driveway. Once we were outside we could see about 12 police cars all fanned out blocking the road, troopers behind their doors and a helicopter over our house w/the spotlight on the woman. The SWAT team were everywhere. Once we got to the end of the driveway the trooper told us to get out of the area, that he would call us when it was over. One of our neighbors that lives on the other side of the street said SWAT was all over our yard and he thought they were on our roof. That's just crazy.Luckily, we were able to go to my husband's parent's house. We stayed there until the trooper called us at 2:45am to tell us that the woman was in custody. Apparently after getting off 8 shots, and a two hour standoff she surrendered. And this got a 2minute blip on the local news- can you belive it? Its just so sureal, things like this only happen in the movies, not to us. That's why we moved to where we live. So things like this DON'T happen. I guess you just never know. Oh well, no one was hurt so its ALL GOOD!!! My hand is almost completely healed and I am able to blog again! Yay!
So, anyway I read a great book called "The Devil Wears Tartan," by Karen Ranney. Hot cover and great story! I highly recommend it! I also started reading, "The Pact," by Jodi Picoult- all I can say is, OMG, what a fabulous read, so far anyway. My SIL who usually blogs here on the bookwyrm posts has read this one, but she is in Europe so she won't be posting. We'll have to wait for her to get back to get her opinion, but its got me sold so far!
How about the Fall Premiere's? anybody have a favorite? I watched the premiere of Grey's anatomy! They hit a home run with that one! the hot soldier- oh yeah! but for as much as I like the show please, please, please stop this Derek and Meredith stuff all ready! sigh* I can't take anymore! I also watched the Amazing Race! good start, but I felt so sorry for the hippies! Dancing with the stars was just all right. I'm getting sick of people with NO dancing ablility getting to stay and those who show some promise getting the boot.


Anonymous said...

Hello Andrea my name is Dee Owens and I am contacting you on behalf of Sheryl Brennan. She has an interview on October 25th and she wanted me to follow up with you about Posting the Book on your blog and having a date worked out for it. I would also like to discuss having the video showcased on your site. If you could contact me at

Thank you for your time.


Dena said...

Hi Andrea, WOW, What a couple a weeks!!! My sister was bitten by her cat on her thumb really bad, compared to you not as bad when I think back to it. It swelled up really big and she couldn't bend it hardly. Even now years later she still can't bend it like the other one. I can imagine you are having a lot of pain, I hope you have a full recovery.
Sadly now it doesn't matter where you live violence or tradgedy is too close. I'm happy to hear your family was not harmed.

I'm reading Stop Me by Brenda Novak. I'm waiting for Bertrice Small's next historical. I read The Dangerous Days of Daniel X by James Patterson in a day and half. It was a quick different kind of story. Daniel is an amazing teenager who takes out creepy aliens on earth. Retuen to Summerhouse by Jude Deveraux was really good. It showed a lot about how a household was run back in the 1800s I believe. It was an interesting story with the modern women going back and how they dealt with it and along the way there lives changing.

I am annoyed about DWTS too, with people voting to keep Cloris there when others should have stayed. It's the judges fault too voting so high for her, I was shocked when Carrie Ann gave her a 6!!! When she actually did her best they gave her lower marks complaining she should be funnier, give me a break! Amazing Race is my favorite Reality show, I knew the hippies or the southern bells would be last and they were. It's too early for me to pick my favorites but I know that I don't like the frat boys and the couple with the cheating husband is bugging me. I knew she would be nagging him but come on already. If shes not nagging she's complaining. A few new shows that I love are Fringe and The Mentalist. The guy on The Mentalist is Hot!
Thanks for the update Andrea and I hope you are having a lot less pain. take care.

Eva S said...

Hi Andrea,
you live a dangerous life! I'm happy you and your family are alright. You never know... Here in Finland some weeks ago a young boy went to a school and killed 10 peoples and himself, and not a year ago another boy shot 8 people. I always thought we live in a peaceful country...

Amazing Race is one of my favorites, I hope we don't watch the same season.... We are only in the beginning....I don't want to know who wins!

I've only read some of Karen Ranney's books in The Highland Lords series, will look for this book! Is it a new one?

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