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Monday, November 23, 2009

The SPOTLIGHT is on "One Wish," by Debra Soles!

With one, half-joking wish, Melanie Wilson is transported back in time to become the unwilling bride of pirate captain, Nero Lorgan.
Nero isn’t exactly thrilled to discover his men abducted the wrong woman … but Melanie intrigues him. With reluctance, she accepts his offer of marriage—in name only!—but Nero has other ideas.

Sensual:some violence, adult language and suggestive adult scenes
ISBN 973-1-60394-369-2to find it online-


Diane said...

WOW!What a wonderful cover. And the pirate's not too bad either!


Debra said...

Thanks Diane. I've really been gifted with some great covers. My favorite so far is for the second book in my Zogone series, Past Regrets. Just looking at my Sam and Ginger together on the cover, you can feel their chemistry and deep connection.

Thanks everyone else who stops by to lend me your support. Happy Thanksgiving and may you be blessed with a great read. :)

Debra A. Soles

Pat McDermott said...

One Wish sounds like a great story, Debra. Love that bad boy cover. Good luck with your writing.

hotcha12 said...


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