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Sunday, January 24, 2010

The SPOTLIGHT is on "Sweet Man Is Gone", by Peggy Ehrhart


Jimmy Nashville is the sexiest guy in the world. When he picks up his guitar, women’s hearts melt.

Blues singer Elizabeth “Maxx” Maxwell is counting on him to help her realize her lifelong dream: her own band. Her heart melts when he picks up his guitar too—but she’s trying to resist the attraction.

Maxx is smart, talented, and gorgeous—at least since she had her nose fixed, went blonde, and bought a push-up bra. So what if she’s living in a scruffy apartment in Hackensack, New Jersey, and the waitress job she’s taken to make ends meet is driving her crazy? Her band, Maxximum Blues, is really taking off, thanks to Jimmy.

But then Jimmy plunges to his death from the window of his ninth-floor apartment. He was the “sweet man” and now he’s gone—and Maxx fears her dream of making it as a singer is just about to vanish too.

When the cops say Jimmy killed himself, Maxx doesn’t believe them.

Figuring out what really happened won’t bring him back or save the band, but Maxx can’t let Jimmy’s killer get away with murder.

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The second best thing to listening to great music is reading about it. Pick up a copy of Sweet Man Is Gone and immerse yourself in the world of the blues. It’s available from Amazon and Barnes&—and at your neighborhood library.

Sweet Man Is Gone is my first mystery and it grew out of my experiences with my own blues band. Check back tomorrow to learn about my journey—from college English teacher and suburban wife and mother to guitar-playing blues fanatic.

Comments welcome! And one lucky commenter will win a copy of
Sweet Man Is Gone at the end of the week.

Get your copy of Sweet Man is Gone today!

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Brenna Ash said...

Your book sounds very interesting and unique.

Sky Purington said...

I love the blues. "Sweet Man is Gone," sounds like a super read! Off I go to check out your website. :)


librarypat said...

Love good music and there is so much of it out there. From May through September, our town has free Friday evening concerts on the square in front of the court house. Have heard some great music and best of all, there is a little bit of everything.
Your website sounds interesting. Will have to check it out.

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