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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

See what the CRITICS are saying about Nicole North and LAIRD OF DARKNESS...*Contest*

"Laird of Darkness is a sinfully erotic tale, taking place in the Scottish highlands, that I just couldn’t get enough of!

Duncan is a half fae Scottish laird whose mother died while giving birth to him before she could gift him with protection from the creatures of the Otherworld. So every night that he allows himself to fall asleep they attack him in his nightmares, leaving painful claw and bite marks on him upon waking. Duncan needs a magical bow from his half brother to keep the monsters at bay and when he comes across the beautiful Lady Alana he finally gets the leverage he needs. Holding her hostage he offers a trade, but will he get more in returned then he ever imagined possible?
I was a bit skeptical starting this novella, but I loved every minute of it. Laird of Darkness was a fast and incredibly sexy read, with the perfect balance of plot and eroticism.

I was drawn in immediately to the main characters, Duncan and Alana, and riveted by their story. Duncan is a dark, super-sexy laird in a kilt (who doesn’t just drool over that?) and Alana made a sweet and spunky heroine. As expected in a novella, their relationship moved forward at a quick pace but with the authors writing it flowed naturally and was believable. There was suspense, action, sexual tension and gratification. A fabulous read!" 4 1/2  ~Crystal at
Reading Between the Wines
"Nicole North’s Laird of Darkness is a historical, highland, fae romance. Yes, all three wrapped into one tantalizing tale. Sexy and seductive, Duncan MacDougall is such a compelling character that I found myself hoping from the beginning that he was a “good guy” after all....Duncan and Alana dominate the story in such a way that the rest of the world disappears. Their love story is filled with sweet emotion and steamy sex you can’t help but want them together forever. Fast-paced and sensual, the only thing that could make it better was if it was longer. I’m not sure if there is going to be a follow up to Laird of Darkness, but I would be first in line to read more from this story." --Rhonda Valverde

"The love scenes are sizzling hot, and both find they are feeling more than desire... Duncan was a wonderful hero. Tender, loving and passionate, and ultimately honorable. Sexy as all get out. A lot of the story is from his POV, which I loved. If you love a little magical fantasy mixed in with your Highlander romantic/erotic adventure, this very good and highly readable novella is right up your alley." ~Karyn at The Romanorum

"Nicole North brings a great, fast paced, uniquely crafted, highly sensual story in a matter of just over one-hundred pages. She's brought a uniqueness to the Highlander table in the creation of the Laird of Darkness. Half-Fae brothers who are lifelong enemies, each possessing different supernatural powers, is only one aspect of Ms. North weaving paranormal elements into an erotic historical highland story. Lady Alana Forbes is also more than what she seems.... the well developed sexual tension and erotic scenes are what really bring this couple together.... Nicole North has created a well written, fast paced, erotic, heart warming, pulse-racing, creatively fun, novella addition for the Highlander sub-genre. Her love and knowledge of Scotland comes through in details, and her fun spin on characters makes Laird of Darkness a very quick, engaging read. I would really love to see this world and characters revisited to find out more to my left over questions!" ~Tanya at Among the Muses.

"I loved everything about this story. Duncan is my favorite type of hero, a very tortured hero that is misunderstood. He has been made out to be the villain because of actions his father took and he can't shake that image... Alana is not afraid of him, instead she is drawn into his world. She finds him intriguing and is not afraid to ask him for what she wants, him." Heather at

I thoroughly enjoyed Nicole North's Laird of Darkness. Ms. North has a talent for crafting characters you'd like to meet. Duncan MacDougall (Scottish, hawt and a fey Laird - whew!) was yummy, troubled and kind. Alana Forbes was sexy and caring, and far from simpering. The heat between them practically melted my Kindle!

Even Kinnon MacClaren, Duncan's half-brother and villain of this story, had depths. I found myself rooting for his own happy ending, which Ms. North cleverly foreshadowed. I hope she of will treat us to more of these fey Scottish Highland men and their feisty women very soon. ~ Carol Burnside



Nicole will be giving away an E-copy of LAIRD OF DARKNESS to one lucky commenter. Winner will be picked at RANDOM once the SPOTLIGHT is over! Please leave your E-mail address so we may contact you should you win!! Good luck!


Stacey Smith said...

Love a good Highlander type of book.Are thay wearing enything under those cilts?

Alexa said...

Wow, these reviews are FANTASTIC! Congratulations, Nicole!

Nicole North said...

Hi Stacey, I'm a huge fan of Highlanders, too. No, they generally don't wear anything under the kilts. :)

Alexa, thanks tons! I was so pleased to get them.

Camryn Rhys said...

Don't enter me in the contest, cuz I'z already gotz me a copy. :) But I just wanted to stop in to say that all these great reviews don't even TOUCH on how fantastic this book is!!

I've said it before and I'll say it again, someday, Nicole North is going to win a RITA. She does erotic romance better than almost anyone I've read.

Nicole North said...

Oh thanks a million, Camryn!!!!! You're the best!!!! Big hugs!! :)

Paisley Kirkpatrick said...

Well, I'm not a bit surprised at the high praise Nicole is getting for Laird of Darkness. It was the first story I read on my brand new Kindle and I loved it and ditto all of the great reviews.

GO YOU, Nicole North!!!!!

Nicole North said...

Thanks so much, Paisley!!! I'm thrilled you liked it! :)

Cathy M said...

I already knew this story would totally work for me, and I'm not at all surprised with all the fabulous reviews.

Big congrats Nicole.

caity_mack at yahoo dot com

Nicole North said...

Thanks so much, Cathy! I hope you like it! :)

Pat McDermott said...

What a string of picture perfect reviews! Hope you and your "Laird" continue to make lots of waves, Nicole.

Nicole North said...

Thanks so much, Pat!! :)

hotcha12 said...


Nicole North said...

Thanks hotcha! I'm so glad you like it! (I do too, by the way. LOL)

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