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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Find out what the CRITICS are saying about Keta Diablo ...

Snippets of Reviews for Holding On To Heaven:~ This is a wonderfully written story. It has a vast collection of characters that everyone can relate with, from the ones who like love stories to people who prefer the war-time stories. Its just another fine example of how Keta's stories can cover many generations of readers. Five Stars ~

~ When I picked this book and it was offered as erotic fiction I wasn't too sure what to expect, certainly a lot of sex and not too much else if I am honest. I could not have been more wrong! Yes there are scenes of passion (which some might find graphic) but there is so much more to this story. This is my first time reading this author and I will certainly be going back for more. I was entertained, kept on the edge of my seat and really enjoyed just about every aspect of this book. The only draw back for me was when it ended, I wanted it to keep going and I think that is just about the biggest compliment you can get for a story. 5/5 for me. ~

~ "Keta Diablo really knows how to keep you on the edge of your seat wondering what will befall the main characters. Lovers of historical fiction will love this one! I’m a big fan of the Civil War era and it’s nice to see this as the backdrop for this novel. I don’t think it’s written about as much as it should be in the historical romance world. Holding on to Heaven has it all -- adventure, desire, and the indelible spirit of human hope and perseverance. I enjoyed it and hope this might be the start of a series where we can see some of these characters yet again! An excellent read! A page turner. Bring on the sequel." PaperCut Reviews ~

More information about Holding On To Heaven here:


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Snippets of Reviews for Where The Rain Is Made

I highly recommend this book! The tension between the two main characters was incredible and had me craving the pages to come! There was so much emotion in this story and I sincerely felt for each of the characters and what they had been through. I am hoping and wishing there will be a sequel soon!! Loved Where the Rain is Made!5 Stars Jaidais Reviews ~

~ Ms. Diablo has created a tantalizing story in Where The Rain Is Made and I can’t wait to find out more about these characters. I hope that this is the first book in the series. HINT! HINT! If you’re looking for a heartfelt, compassionate, adventurous story that’s sensual, yet informative and eye opening in regards to the Cheyenne culture, then Where The Rain Is Made is the book to read. I will definitely recommend it to my friends. 
Rated 5 Ravens and a Recommended Read by The Blackraven! ~

~ Paranormal Romance Reviews – 5 Stars! 
Through the lives of these three people, Ms. Diablo spins a vivid account of how grueling and sometimes brutal the life of a Dog Soldier could be. I loved how she wove the rituals and beliefs of the Cheyenne people throughout the tale as if you were there seeing it first hand. This is a historical romance sure to magically sweep you back in time. A must read!

E-Cata Romance – 4.5 Stars ~
~ An understanding of the culture of these wonderful people who fought to preserve their life style will be found in the pages of Where the Rain is Made. Keta Diablo takes us into the legends and lore of a people who lost so much more than lives those long ago days along the Platte River. Where the Rain is Made is a tale that is rich in history, emotions and love. Kudos to Ms. Diablo for penning such an impassioned story.~

~ Classical Romance Reviews – 4.5 Stars Diablo’s Where The Rain Is Made is a must-read for anyone interested in native history, as well as anyone looking for a nice, deep romance that never gets too heavy despite some intense moments of fighting for survival. I rarely enjoy time travels but this one came off as thoroughly believable and is on my recommended list. I will be looking for other books by this author.~

~ Seriously Reviewed – What a wonderfully written historical. The amazing attention to detail really made the story POP! Filled to the brim with heart stopping characters, a riveting plot and a love that spans time, this one will remain on my shelf for years to come and be revisited often.~

More information about Where The Rain Is Made here:
A decadent-looking savage has captured Francesca DuVall and her brother Marsh. Now she spends every waking moment planning an escape. She didn’t count on the powerful draw of desire interfering with her scheme while in the clutches of the brutal Cheyenne Dog Soldiers.

Ethan Gray is a curator at a national museum . . . most of the time. When he travels through time to help his beloved People he’s Meko, leader of the most revered and feared tribe of the plains. Their worlds are decades apart and yet Meko can’t resist the dark beauty he kidnapped during a raid. Violent battles loom on the horizon, but there’s only one he must win at all costs – the capture of Cesca’s heart forever.

From the windswept plains of Colorado and the harsh life of a Dog Soldier to the placid life of a curator, their love was fueled by passion and kindled by destiny.

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Snippets of Reviews for Land of Falling Stars:

~ Wow wow wow! I LOVED LOVED LOVED this book! Think I loved it? Oh my goodness! It was awesome. Ms. Diablo is superbly talented and hooked me from the first page to the last page. I couldn't turn the pages fast enough to stay with these characters and see what happened with them next. Reviews by Molly - 5 stars ~

~ I love a good historical romance, especially when it's infused with hot and sultry passion and Land of Falling Stars won me over. It's a beautifully written love story that captures not only the essence of the time but the internal struggle of the characters vividly enough for the reader to experience every emotion while reading. Adventure, unconditional love, forgiveness and acceptance make this a tantalizing read that will have your heart skipping out of pure excitement! Praise to Ms. Diablo for sharing this historical masterpiece with her readers! Romancing the Darkside ~
~ "This is one steamy hot erotic historical ebook that I devoured as soon as I got a couple of pages in...I recommend that all erotic romance readers go out and buy this ebook. It's a keeper." --Phoebe Jordan, Talk About My Favorite Authors ~

~"Keta Diablo has woven a tale set in Civil War times that is truly engaging." --The Girls on Books Blog (4.5 "martinis") ~

~ "I thoroughly enjoyed Land of Falling Stars, and hope to read more of the people of Arbor Rose and Fredricksburg."--Whipped Cream Erotic Romance Reviews (4.5 "cherries") ~

~"If you enjoy passion and emotion in your romance, Land of Falling Stars is one you won't want to miss!--Jennifer's Random Musings (4.5 stars) ~

~ "A story that has the ups and downs of a roller coaster and keeps the reader hanging on with bated breath, Land of Falling Stars is captivating. The author has a great knack for weaving words together to bring a vivid picture to the reader's mind." --Bookwenches (4.5 stars) ~

More about Land of Falling Stars here:
After her parents die in a fire, Sophia Whitfield struggles to save her beloved home, Arbor Rose. The Civil War has devastated the South, and another blue coat has come to steal her meager possessions. Before the hated enemy inflicts his destruction, she shoots him. And soon discovers the soldier is Gavin, the champion of her childhood.

Gavin's dark secret lurks in Sophia’s future. When she discovers the truth, she's torn between a burning hunger for the man she truly loves and loyalty to Jesse, their childhood friend. The despicable acts of war have changed everything Sophia and Gavin once cherished. Yet somewhere deep in their hearts, the mystical Land of Falling Stars still exists.


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Thanks Tore, Hotcha,Debby and Brandy for stopping by and showing Keta your support! These are some great reviews aren't they???

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