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Friday, July 20, 2012


 By Nicole Graysen


You must be 18 to read this 8300 word (~ 30 pages) erotic paranormal horror short story. Contains a hypnotizing vampire hot for blood and M/F sex. 



Seraphina never believed the tales her grandmother told of otherworldly creatures. She has a great job, lives in sunny Key West, and best of all, she found The One. Life couldn't get any better. 

Damian lives a half-life as a vampire trapped within a painting. When a drop of Seraphina's blood releases him, he seeks her out to obtain the child necessary to break his clan's curse. Corrupting her and stealing her soulmate's life are pleasurable entertainments in the pursuit of his clan's freedom.


The last echoes of church bells died away as midnight tolled. Dark gray mist merged with the shadows of the empty museum. Grandmother Ime's malignant power swirled around Damian Allen until dissipating in a fine mist. Momentarily disoriented by the transfer, Damian once again stood in the real world. He touched the portrait of Rumby Bay, his home before a witch cursed his clan into the painting as retribution for the death of her sister.

The picture showed a rough image of the coastal town but inside the canvas his family lived. One day for them was three years for those on the outside. Only through Grandmother Ime's water basin could they discern the passage of time, their lives held in limbo forever. Or not.

He sniffed the linen canvas above a rust-colored spot. The sweet tang of grapefruit overlaid a faint hint of cedar. Using a fingernail, he scratched at the drop of blood on the frame. Sucking on his finger, he discerned only a trace of power in the flecks of blood. Not a true witch, but a descendant. And female.

After so many years, the witch's gift was too diluted to cast a visible aura. He'd have to hunt this woman the old fashioned way—with his nose and carful searching. The island wasn't that big; he should return with her quickly.

Only through the sacrifice of a thirteen-year-old girl with witch-magic in her blood could his clan's curse be broken. He hoped this woman possessed a child he could use. The tingle of power drifted through the room. Damian traced the signature to a display of swords. Cocooned within a case lay a dormant witch's athame. Perfect. He could use its power against the woman.

Dissolving into mist, Damian retrieved the dagger and escaped into the fresh air. Anything he'd normally carry could be his while in this invisible form. Hovering within the air currents, he sought his prey except the scent trail dissipated as if her essence had been blocked.

Several times he crossed the island in his quest until light gray streaks in the sky forced him to stop. He used a poorly maintained whitened vault within the Key West Cemetery as his daytime resting place. Not all of the land had been consecrated when they reinterred the remains many years ago. Before the sun stole his half-life, he'd released this spell upon the winds:

No more shall you hide
from one who seeks your side.
Protected by crystal on a chain,
may it break with the bite of pain.
I seek not to harm,
but to place a kiss upon your lips.


Late at night, Nicole enjoys reading tales of terror by Alfred Hitchcock and Edgar Allen Poe. While gazing at the stars, she imagines fairy tales in which the seductive villain wins the day. Now she writes those stories down for your enjoyment.

Nicole lives in North Carolina with her husband, two children, and protective canine companion. You can learn more about Nicole's stories on her website.



Nicole Graysen said...

Thank you for having me here today.

Eliza Knight said...

Love your heroine's name! Sounds fascinating!

hotcha12 said...

ooooooooooooooh Nicole! I'm Crazy about the cover!!

Nicole Graysen said...

Eliza - Thanks. I always have a hard time naming characters.

Linda - Thank you. I really like the colors.

Nancy Lee Badger said...

Oh my! Sounds exciting and scary, and since this is from one of my favorite authors, IT IS A MUST READ.

Brenna Ash said...

Love the excerpt! Sounds very interesting!

Nicole Graysen said...

Nancy - Thank you for the compliment and stopping by.

Brenna - Thanks Brenna. Have a great reading week.

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