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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

'Superstition's Desire,' by Lisa Campbell

Northern England, 1498

The languid days of summer are giving way to the brisk fall evenings of Northern England, as Lady Arabella Wyndmere stares pensively into a small fire, watching the orange flames lick greedily around the edges of her aunt’s letter.

Her liberator, Laird Connal MacRae is a handsome devil despite the sun-bleached, jagged scar covering a large portion of his face. Upon meeting, he feels like Arabella looks, utterly stunned. Their instantaneous attraction is unnerving, and Connal must continually remind himself the woman is meant for his older brother, Kellan, as consolation for losing the title of Laird.

On their journey to Scotland, Connal immediately realizes Arabella's superstitious practices are deeply held tenets. Nevertheless, despite her heretical beliefs and his death before dishonor credo, their mutual desire spins out of control leaving them no choice except to wed.

Yet, something far more dangerous than desire stalks from the shadows, and in a climate
of treachery and betrayal, the greatest risk of all, is to surrender to the depth of feeling, of unexpected love.

~ end ~

Superstition's Desire
release date 9 June 2009


Skhye said...

Oh, sounds mysterious. :) Love the cover! Skhye

Lisa M. Campbell said...

Thanks Skhye, on both counts. I love the cover too. The horse's name is Mugwort! I know, odd. But Connal's evil brother Kellan named him that to irritate Connal, and now he doesn't answer to anything else!

Julie Robinson said...

"Despite her heretical beliefs"

Arabella sounds like a heroine I can relate to, Lisa!
Please remind the loop when June 9 comes around. That's a whole week away with a lot of things going on.

Lisa M. Campbell said...

I will, Julie and thanks! :)

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