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Monday, June 1, 2009

Today the spotlight is on author Lisa Campbell ...

Today the SPOTLIGHT is on, Author Lisa Campbell, and her new RELEASE "Superstition's Desire."

For as long as she can remember, Lisa M. Campbell has always wanted to be a journalist. However, a short stint in college dissuaded her of that notion, and she dropped out after one year.
At loose ends, and uncertain of her future, (now that becoming the next Jessica Savitch was out of the question) she turned to her mom for advice; her mom suggested joining the service. Once Lisa picked herself up off the floor, she enlisted in the Air Force where she met, and married the love of her life, Kevin, and after five years of honorable service to her country, decided to seperate from the Air Force.

During the ensuing twists and turns of Lisa's life, which included living in her beloved England, Lisa never stopped writing. After the much anticipated birth of their daughter, Meghan Marie, Lisa decided to try her hand at writing romantic fiction. After all, she loved reading it!

She wrote on and off for ten years and didn't try for publication until 2008. When Wild Horse Press picked her up in March of 2009, a life long dream of seeing her name in print had finally been realized.

Nowadays, if you really strain your ears and can get past the sound of the B-1 Bombers flying over Lisa's house on Ellsworth Air Force Base, you can still hear her screaming with joy!
Her book, 'SUPERSTITIONS DESIRE,' is set for release on June 9th.
To learn more about Lisa Campbell and for a closer look at "Superstition's Desire" check back with us tomorrow!
To pre-order you copy of Superstition's Desire click the link below.
Please visit Lisa on the web-
Don't forget to check back with us all week for more information about Lisa and "Superstition's Desire!"


Julie Robinson said...

Hey Lisa,
I didn't realize you'd been in the service. Thanks to you and your hubby.

Congrats on your upcoming release day. I LOVE the picture of the horse on your cover. I also like your pic with your two dogs. My pic on MySpace is with my two dogs.


Julie Robinson said...

I went to your site to see more. Beautiful music and blurb for your trailer. Also great excerpt. Looks like a fantastic read.

Eliza Knight said...

Congrats on your upcoming release!!!! Looks fabulous!

Lisa M. Campbell said...

Hey Julie,

Thanks for that--we appreciate it!

I was really pleased with the cover too---I'll have to check out your page and see what kind of dogs you have. My two are cattle-dogs and are real pistols! They love to herd the family into corners! LOL

I'm so glad you liked my site and the trailer. The girl in the trailer is my daughter Meghan--she took self-portraits and I just had to use them.

I appreciate the kind words and truly hope you're intrigued enough to pick up a copy. :)

Lisa M. Campbell said...

Thanks Eliza! Andrea certainly does an excellent job!!

Julie Robinson said...

WHAT!!! That is so cool!! You mean to tell me that the picture where part of her face is slowly scanned over showing her nose and lips are not those of a model??

One question: if I wait until the print copy, then that will affect your seller status for those 1st two weeks after June 9, won't it? Or do you get another chance for being a top selling novelist when the print version comes out? And which is better? Okay, so maybe that was a few questions.

Lisa M. Campbell said...

Julie you are sooo good for my ego! The only way I get into print is if I sell a certain number of e-books first, since my publisher is primarily an ebook pub.

I know it's hard to cuddle up to a computer for a good read, lol so if you want to wait for the print version by all means do so. :)

Personally, I'd like to hold my very first romance novel in my hands, but my pub. just sent over the author copy of my e-book and I'm enjoying reading it too! You know, I've never read the story from front to back before! lol

Both B&W photos are of Meghan --she's 15 and a budding photographer. (I'm beaming proudly)She's my only child and I still can't believe she'll be a HS sophomore in the Fall!

Thanks, Julie! I enjoyed chattin' with ya!! :D

Miriam Newman said...

Love the various animals in your life--dogs in bed, horse on cover. You have your priorities straight! Good luck on your publishing journey!

Lisa M. Campbell said...



Annie & Honey are part of my critique grp. If they yawn I cut it! lol

Thanks for the good wishes :D

Pat McDermott said...

We'd rather have you as "Lisa" than "Jessica" any day :-) Congratulations on the release of "Superstion's Desire!"

Lisa M. Campbell said...

Thanks Pat! And congrats are in order for you too, but everyone will have to wait and see why--heehee Are you still in the lobby of the Clarion in Cork City? I'm still jealous!!

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