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Monday, October 26, 2009

The SPOTLIGHT is on, "Old Dreams" by Debra Soles

Arlene had a fresh start, in a different town, with new friends and a sweet, handsome roommate. Brian seemed to be a great guy and she was extremely attracted to him.

The only problem was since the first day she had met him, her mind was filled with fantastic nightmares so powerful they made her physically ill- fantasies of Brian and a woman who wasn't her but strangely, at the same time, was.

Rating: Sensual. Contains sexual content, adult language, and graphic violence.

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1 comment:

Debra A. Soles said...

Thank you Andrea & Corrina for having me. I hope all my readers enjoy the spotlight and come back to check out when the second part of my Zogone series, Past Regrets has it's spotlight too.

Thanks everyone for looking and Happy Halloween!!!

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