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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The SPOTLIGHT is on Debra Soles!

Since the age of 12 when I discovered romance novels I've been hooked. By the time I was 15 I knew I had to be a writer and share my love of Happily Ever After.

Now I'm a writer of sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal and romance with an imagination outside the box.

I have two Futuristic Romance (sci-fi) novels out from my Zogone series, with more to come.

I also have a time-travel romance called One Wish coming out in January of 2010.

If you are looking for vampires, witches, weres, aliens and new worlds with unforgettable characters my books were made for you.

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Review for Old Dreams

by Elise Lyn at

Debra Soles’ Old Dreams takes us on a journey into the past and into worlds from the future. Arlene Garnet is leaving her hometown of Roswell NM to attend college on a partial scholarship. She arrives at the University of North Carolina, and her first order of business is to find a place to stay and a job to pay the bills. Looking for a roommate is not easy and she is on her last lead when she stops to eat. They are short staffed and, when she inquires, they hire her. One of the waitresses has a cousin who needs a roommate, who turns out to be her last lead. Arlene cannot believe her luck - she has a place a stay and a job. Brian Hardigan, her good looking new roommate, somehow seems familiar and from the first night, she begins to have disturbing dreams of the two of them together - and yet is it her?Brian Hardigan had been cryogenically frozen to await the return of his wife who had been murdered. Now that her sign has been detected, he is on earth determined to be reunited and to bring her back to his home planet, Zogone. Her return is not without danger, not only from restoring her memories but also from an ancient evil still hunting her.Old Dreams created a world in which another race of people not from earth live undetected with us. They are more advanced and want to study and learn from us. The story dragged in the beginning but quickly picked up and took us on a wonderful journey into the past, present and future. Brian and Arlene were destined to be together in the past and now. Their love shines from the pages of Old Dreams. With more coming soon, I am sure the next one will be very different as Debra Soles had a few surprises up her sleeve with this one.

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