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Monday, October 25, 2010

Get up close & personal with Author Mariposa Cruz!

Mariposa Cruz balances her writing with her work as a fulltime corporate paralegal. While in college she wrote articles for the school newspaper and published her first short story and has alternated between fact and fiction ever since.

As a writer she has interviewed a variety of characters including cowboy crooners, entrepreneurs and rock divas. Her articles have appeared in local magazines and indie newspapers.

She currently resides with her own pack of two teens in Reno, Nevada.


Visit Mariposa's blogsite.


Brenna Ash said...

Hi Mariposa! Your background sounds interesting. Those interviews must've been fun.

Mariposa Cruz said...

Hi Brenna,

I enjoy writing both fiction and non-fiction. I've been fortunate to meet a variety of creative people through my interviews.

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