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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Our SPOTLIGHT wraps up with another TEASER from THE PRINCESS IN HIS BED, and introducing AWAKENED BY A KISS ... *CONTEST*

The Marquis’ New Clothes.

Her knees almost buckled when she saw Adam leaning against the doorframe wearing nothing but a bath linen around his waist. Riveted, she moved her gaze over his magnificent sculpted chest, each beautiful dip and ripple. He was nothing short of breathtaking. Pure masculine perfection. Mesmerized, she watched as he ran a hand through his wet dark hair, then crossed his muscled arms over that powerful chest.

Gracious God . . . As handsome as her husband had been, he’d never looked like that.

“What are you doing here, Aimee?”

Stop ogling him.

She tore her eyes away and glanced back at the armoire. Her heart plummeted the moment she realized she couldn’t remember which pile she’d stuck her hand in, or the color of the justacorps she’d been touching in the stack.

“Aimee, I asked you a question.”

Her gaze shot back to him. She quickly averted it when she got another eyeful of his glorious—mostly naked—physique.

“I came to return this.” She held her arm out, the justacorps she was holding now dangling from her grip, purposely blocking the sight of him. “I was . . . going to place it back in your armoire. I didn’t know you were here. I am sorry to have interrupted you. You’re clearly busy. I’ll go.”
She placed the justacorps down on his bed and, with her heart pounding in her throat, turned to leave.

“Come here, Aimee.”

That arrested her steps. His voice was low and so wickedly sensual. She had to swallow hard before she could speak, her insides frenzied—a dizzying combination of dread and something else she didn’t want to name.

“That’s probably not a good idea,” she said without turning around. Waving her hand in his direction behind her, she added, “You’ll want to get dressed, lest you catch a chill.”

“It’s a warm summer’s day outside and it’s quite pleasant in here. I’m not in the least bit cold.

Are you chilled, Aimee? Do you need warming—”

“No!” She winced, not intending the word to come out quite so forcefully. “No . . . I’m fine . . .

Warm enough, thank you.” Get out now or you’ll end up being warmed in ways best avoided. As it was, the sight of him was already heating her blood.

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A Fiery Tales Collection
By Lila DiPasqua
Historical RomanceBerkley (Sensation)
ISBN: 978-0425235560


Three classic fairytales--"Sleeping Beauty," "Puss in Boots," and "Little Red Riding Hood"--cleverly retold with enough sensual twists to prove wickedly ever after does exist...

Once upon a wicked time...

Sleeping Beau: Five years ago, notorious rake Adrien d'Aspe, Marquis de Beaulain, was awakened by a sensuous kiss-and experienced a night of raw ecstasy that was branded into his memory. Years later, he spots his mysterious seductress-and this time, he has no intention of letting her go...

Little Red Writing: Nicolas de Savignac, Comte de Lambelle, has been assigned by the King to uncover the secret identity of the author writing scandalous stories about powerful courtiers. He never expected his investigation would lead to his grandmother's house, or to a ravishing woman who would stir his deepest hunger...

Bewitching in Boots: Elisabeth de Roussel, daughter of the King, is accustomed to getting what she wants-and she wants Tristan de Tiersonnier, Comte de Saint-Marcel, an ex-commander of the King's private Guard. A recent injury has forced Tristan to leave his distinguished position, but Elisabeth is determined to make him see he's every bit the man he once was-and more than man enough for her...

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Lila will be giving away a copy of THE PRINCESS IN HIS BED to one lucky commenter , plus---in keeping with the holiday season, she's sweetening the pot with a signed Christmas ornament in the shape of a Cinderella slipper ( in celebration of her Cinderella retelling out Aug 2011) and a copy of Stud Muffins! (This book isn't written by Lila so she's not signing it). The cover for Stud Muffins says-- Luscious. Delectable. Yummy. (and Good Muffin Recipes, too!)....LOL! The book has great muffin recipes and pics of all around treat of a book! *winks*
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All’sReads said...

I couldn't resist reading the excerpt, though I then really wanted the rest of the story to read as well! Love the covers for both Fiery Tales books to date: lovely intimate close-up shots. Thanks Lila and Write Life for a chance at this great giveaway. If it's not my lucky day, I will still be checking out the books asap! Best, Allison (cadnac AT gmail DOT com)

Noelle Pierce said...

Hi Lila and Write Life! I've followed Lila around for two months now, so I really should round it out by posting here. :D Anyway, I can't wait to start reading Princess in His Bed, because after ABAK, I'm jonesin'.

And that ornament is gorgeous...and would totally match my Christmas tree decor. Just sayin'. *wink*

*Hugs* to Lila and all her hard work and busy blog tours. I hope you get some much needed rest for the holidays!

Chicks of Characterization said...

I want to take a moment to THANK Lila for taking time out of her busy schedule to hang out with us all week! She is one busy lady!!

It's been a pleasure having her here with us, and getting to read little snippetts from The Princess in his bed!!!

Both of Lila's books sound like winners, and from what I can see already have a huge following!!! You go Lila!!!

We wish Lila the best of luck in all her future endeavours and hope to feature book #3!! HINT, HINT!!! :O) Best of the luck to you Lila! You are such a sweetheart! Hugs!

I also want to thank everyone who stopped by and left comments, and for the compliments about the blog!

I so love doing the week long SPOTLIGHTS I think it gives a potential reader all they need to make an informed decision about whether or not they really want to buy the book!!! So thanks for sayin so!!!

And DON'T forget to check back with us to see our other wonderful authors that are lined up for the weeks ahead!!!

Good luck to everyone in this awesome contest! Isn't Lila generous? She will be picking a WINNER sometime over the weekend so check back to see if you have won!!!!!

Cheers!!! and Happy Holidays to you all! :O)

We love our readers and Authors!!!

Scorpio M. said...

This has been such a fun blog stop. Thanks for a great week!

gamistress66 said...

I wanted to read more, but such teasing (stopping just as it getting gooood) is so mean ;( Adam sounds oh so yummy that can't help but want more. :)

Thanks for the fun week

gamistress66 (at)
aol (dot) com

Brandy B aka Brandlwyne said...

Wow... I love the books and the covers are sooo Hot especially Awakened by a Kiss. I love Little Red Ridinghood so I would love to read more of these stories. Thank you for doing the contest.

brandyzbooks(at)yahoo(dot) com

RFTC Blog said...

Thanks for the great giveaways Lila and ladies of Write Life. I too have been following Lila around and have been having a great time. Thanks for all of the opportunites to win.

booklover0226 said...

Loved the excerpt; I can't wait to read this.

I enjoyed this week's posts. They were interesting and entertaining.

Tracey D
booklover0226 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Great excerpt...what a tease!!!!

I hope I can be entered for the contest.

in Germany

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