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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Today's Feature- MISBEGOTTEN GAINES by Camryn Rhys #cowboycocktails

Kyle pretends to be married to keep a job around Jamie Gaines, but when his very single ex-wife shows up on the ranch, things may heat up more than he can handle…

Kyle Harris lands a job as the new chef at the Misbegotten Gaines Ranch just in time for the launch of their new Singles' Trail Ride. When his new boss, the alluring Jamie Gaines, mistakenly believes him to be married, he goes along with the ruse to keep his job. But things start to heat up between them and Kyle has to choose between losing his job and letting Jamie get away.

When a guy says he’s gonna work on a dude ranch, he kinda expects it to be run by…well, dudes. Instead, the only two people Kyle Harris could see when he pulled up to the Misbegotten Gaines Dude Ranch were women. And they were hot with a capital H-O-T.
Hot enough that it got a little toastier in his car, and in his formerly roomy boxers under his jeans. Kyle had big plans for spending long days at his new job out on the dusty trail with men he could consider his brothers. Guys always looked tight in those John Wayne movies his mom used to watch. He had a feeling the wild would do that to a guy.
But being in the Wyoming wilderness with two gorgeous women would not lead to any camaraderie among the men. Nor would it lead to silent nights around the campfire eating beans from a can and drinking coffee from a tin cup while the coyotes yowled against the midnight sky.
Okay, so maybe he paid a little more attention during those movies than he’d like to admit.
Camryn Rhys grew up on the border of Canada and the US, and still hasn’t decided which country to call home. She splits her time between the Alberta and Montana Rocky Mountains, with friends and family in both beautiful locations. After running her own restaurant for several years and acquiring advanced degrees in writing, foodie romance seemed the only logical option. When she’s not watching the Food Network, she’s reading a romance novel, or if absolutely necessary, working as a consultant. Someone has to put really excellent food on the table. 


Jennifer (JC Page) said...

A dude on a ranch caught my eye. Sounds like a hot cowboy hit! Thanks for the excerpt. Will mention this novel to my friends out in B.C. I'm a native Albertan myself.

Chicks of Characterization said...

Thanks Jennifer! I know Camryn will be so happy to hear thaty your going to mention this to your friends!!!!!

And it does look HOT, doesn't it!

Camryn Rhys said...

Thank you so much for hosting my book, A/C. And thanks, JC! I hope you enjoy it. :)

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