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Friday, June 8, 2012

Today's Feature- THE PRIDE by Erin Dameron-Hill #legendseries


After losing her mother to mysterious circumstances and having bad luck at relationships, Jessica just wants to relax. But a vacation is the last thing that Colorado Byron, cowboy and werelion, has in mind for her!

All Colorado wants is to find his tamer, the woman that will forever set his heart free...


Harsh claws of white lightning lingered on the horizon as several stars were blotted out. I could barely see the storm coming closer. It was still a fair bit away but it was quickly approaching. I began to make my way inside as a soft pawing of ground grabbed my attention. It was too dark to see clearly but I saw a few shadowy outlines of animals pacing nearby. I narrowed my eyes and tried to better my night vision but it was useless. More lightning ignited the plains in a flash. I gasped. It couldn’t be. The animals were large—their outlines told me that much and as more light danced in the sky, I recognized them. Several growls escaped their lips and I immediately froze. My heart stopped. Holy shit, there were bears with massive manes watching me. They dipped their heads and disappeared right before my eyes.

I pursed my lips as panic drained my blood. Where did they go? Silence answered me as more light struck the sky. The only thing I could see was the swaying of the tall grass. I could feel eyes sizing me up as the hairs on the back of my neck stood at attention. I’m being hunted…

“Oh, God…” my voice barely carried over the wind as my throat was choked with utter fear. I whimpered. Loud steps sounded behind me and as I turned, Colorado pulled me close. He was drenched in sweat. Heat was rolling off him in brutal waves and I was no longer cold. It was like being held by the sun.

He was shaking. But he was not cold. I placed my forehead on his chest and realized his chest was bare as his sweat nearly drowned me. I didn’t know whether I should be worried for him or afraid that the animals were still watching us so I merely quivered in his hold. His firm hand found my chin and lifted me to face him, “You need to go inside.”

A slight flash erupted in his eyes and I swear they looked like the pupils of a cat. A shadow crossed his dark face and I wanted to run far away from him. He almost seemed crazed, wild even. He was feral. Fear kept me silent and motionless. Fear kept my heart pounding, fear kept my blood rushing adrenaline to my muscles. I kept clenching and tensing as more whimpers sounded from my trembling lips.

Something was wrong. I could feel it. It wasn’t the storm threatening to drown me and it wasn’t the sudden appearance of wild animals…It was Colorado.

My instincts screamed as his large hand reached around my face and held my neck. He sniffed the air like a ravenous dog and shook even more, “You smell…so good…” I could hear him panting, feel his hot breath slide over my cheeks. Several of his bones popped as he squeezed me. His arms contracted against me as his chest nearly knocked all the air from my lungs. I could barely breathe.

“Colorado…you’re hurting me…” I felt like a grape, easily squished by his power. And it was more than just strength that had me suffocating. He was dominating and had a sway that could force a nun’s legs wide open. I coughed and choked for air as his power pressed upon me like a two ton truck. My legs went weak, my body began to fail me…

Length: Epic Full Novel
Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance.
Contains graphic sex, violence, and language.


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