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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Book Review - "The Spell of the Killing Moon"

Coming soon- The Spell of the Killing Moon
By: Skhye Moncrief

Aidan Gordon, the Black Knight is being tracked by a werewolf, he just doesn’t know it. From the moment her arrives at Castle Wolvey he catches the eye of a beautiful woman. The only problem is, Elspeth is a druid, and more importantly the mistress of Lord Wode. Unfortunately, Lady Wode has found out about her and has set out to remove her from her husbands life. Aidan vows to protect her.

Its no mistake that Elspeth and the Black Knight have ended up in the same castle. Elspeth, an assassin, has come to kill him. She holds a secret, one that will help her fulfill her duty. That duty is to protect the timeline before he has a chance to destroy it, a deed she cannot allow.
If she doesn’t kill him and protect the timeline, she will never be allowed to travel back to her own time without her body exploding, erasing her chance for reincarnation. But when they can’t seem to fight the attraction brewing between them, Elspeth worries that she may not be able to follow through with her duty.

Could Aidan be her soul mate?

Will he find out her secret?

And will she kill him? Because “One must die, so the other can live.”

Or will Elspeth spend the rest of her years roaming under the “Spell of the Killing Moon?”

Skhye Moncrief pens and interesting tale of shape-shifters, duty, honor and the undeniable power of love!

You don’t want to miss it!

I give this tale 4 **** stars!

I look forward to reading her debut novel, “He of the Fiery Sword!”

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