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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Excerpt from SWORDSONG by Skhye Moncrief ... *Giveaway*

~Note: the hero is from the future. ~

Wide Druid-blue eyes gazed up at Murdo. He lost his breath, then, found the unruly molecules. Fluctuating temperatures indicated shifts in electromagnetic radiation. Fairy movement. Most likely fey working with Seers. And the blonde rubbed her arms. Obviously chilled. Something was wrong. “’Tis freezing where you stand.” He studied the doorway. “Don’t go out there alone.” His words sounded foolish.

Twentieth-century humans simply didn’t understand the powers of Seers.

She rubbed her arms frantically. “Aren’t you cold, Murdo?” Her sweet maiden lips trembled beside his chest where she frowned.

She spun to the door, arms whipping out, hands poised ready to react, legs firmly planted beneath her. “What do you want?”

Elemental or Seer. Naught was there but the post and lintel, stone masonry and a dark void. The spirit had come for Katie.

“What’s the matter, Katie?” Pam barked from behind him.

“No,” Katie yelled, springing into motion, lunging for the doorway.

Shit. The lass pushed something over her head.

Something invisible.

She flew back toward him and fell at his boots, arms scrabbling behind her for a handhold like a crab.

Guinevere pealed like a banshee.

He grabbed beneath Katie’s arms and hoisted her upward as the blaring female cacophony ricocheted off the stone walls. “What is it?” He searched Katie’s disturbed gaze.

She stared at the door, regaining her footing. “Stop laughing, you bastard.”

There had to be an intruder. Or spirit. But he only saw an empty doorway.

A quiet moment passed.

“No,” Katie screamed, reached out, seemingly blocking a blow with her forearm.

What did she see?

“What is it, Katie?” Pam shouted.

Katie had to stop reacting and fool the Seer. If she didn’t look, she wouldn’t react to the spirit. He grabbed the blonde maiden, crushing her gaze into his chest. “There’s naught there, Lass.”

Katie squirmed, fighting his grip. “He’s got a knife.”

He scanned the doorway for a person. Why would he expect to see the apparition? The Seer had only come for Katie.

She stilled in his arms.

Yet, her thundering heart hammered.

She wasn’t ready to believe his Post-Modern alchemical notions. Not with Truth hounding her in an astral projection.

The air warmed about them.

Probably more the heat from the fear in the chamber than an actual rise in temperature, but a rise in temperature would note the visitation had ended.

“Is he gone?” Murdo studied the doorway.

“I can’t see,” she droned.

Of course she couldn’t. He loosened his hold enough to permit her to look over her shoulder. Better to hang onto her with a spirit afoot.

Katie scanned the whole room. “He’s gone.”

The other females descended upon him. The three crowns bobbed beneath his chin as the other maidens’ arms grabbed Katie.

“What was it?” Guinevere simpered.

“Yes, tell us what you saw,” Pam commanded.

Out of the three, Murdo liked the masculine maiden most. She was all business. Very much a Brother in behavior.

“A large man in big black boots,” Katie gasped. “He laughed at us, shaking a knife over his shoulder. He was going to kill us.”

“I didn’t see him,” Guinevere managed to speak plainly.

“None of us did.” Murdo kept his hold on the maiden.

Katie shot him a bitter scowl.

Her pinched glare of betrayal wasn’t what the prize he wanted. “I’m not saying you didn’t, Lass.”

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Brandy B aka Brandlwyne said...

Wow that sounds good!!!

Brandy B aka Brandlwyne said...

What got you started writing???

brandyzbooks@yahoo dot com

Skhye said...

Hi, Brandlwyne! I wrote when I was young. I stopped for some reason. Back around 2001, I read something a friend was writing and thought I used to write... And that's all I remember. :) Thanks for you compliment. ~Skhye

Debby said...

Hi another book looking good.


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