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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Find out what people are saying about Lila DiPasqua & THE PRINCESS IN HIS BED ...*CONTEST*

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“…Strong- minded heroines you can relate to, breathtaking carnally gifted male leads…DiPasqua writes with a comfortable elegance and grace, and in turn, crafts a sexy collection that readers will love.” – Fresh Fiction.

“Ripe with steamy affairs, these lusty stories are hot enough to warm the coldest winter night.” – Publishers Weekly

“If you only buy one book this week or this month, do yourself a favor and BUY this book! [THE PRINCESS IN HIS BED] Lila DiPasqua has proven once again that satisfaction is guaranteed with her spicy, yet touching writing! — 5 STARS! The Romance Dish

“Lila is one of my favorite author finds from this year, and I’m anxious for more from her. She’s one historical romance author who’s making waves in this genre and one I recommend you read. Perhaps I can go as far as saying I’m a big fan girl? She keeps blowing my mind away with her short stories. Lila DiPasqua writes not only good sex, but excellent romances with wonderful characters in a flavorful, lavish setting.” – BABBLING ABOUT BOOKS AND MORE.

“I am once again impressed by Lila DiPasqua’s fresh take on the age old classic fairy tales. These novellas are hot, steamy and entertaining.” – Fiction Vixen.

“DiPasqua weaves another sumptuous collection; all three stories are brimming with originality and charm. Ms. DiPasqua’s characters are unforgettable. The heroines are ladies in every way, the heroes just rakish enough to be adored… I thoroughly enjoyed each story and recommend this to all adult fairytale lovers. – 5 Ribbons! Romance Junkies

“The author puts them [THE CHARACTERS] in enjoyable escapades or ‘comedy of errors’ that the reader can't help caring for the characters and wonder how they will solve their dilemmas….reads to take you away to a magical and decadent past…” Bookaholics

“What perfect adult bedtime stories.” – Night Owl Review TOP PICK!

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Lila will be giving away a copy of THE PRINCESS IN HIS BED to one lucky commenter , plus---in keeping with the holiday season, she's sweetening the pot with a signed Christmas ornament in the shape of a Cinderella slipper ( in celebration of her Cinderella retelling out Aug 2011) and a copy of Stud Muffins! (This book isn't written by Lila so she's not signing it). The cover for Stud Muffins says-- Luscious. Delectable. Yummy. (and Good Muffin Recipes, too!)....LOL! The book has great muffin recipes and pics of all around treat of a book! *winks*

So leave your comment today!


All’sReads said...

Hi Andrea and Corrina, Thanks for the reviews of Lila's book. I didn't need more convincing to want the book, but I do thank you for reminding me why I want the book ASAP - lol :) Seriously, it's great to get all this info in on spot in one week. Thanks for the spotlight on Lila and her stories! Allison (cadnac AT gmail DOT com)

Brandy B aka Brandlwyne said...

Wow those are great reviews. It makes me want to get the book even more. Thanks for posting these!!!


Elizabeth said...

Wow what great reviews for what is i'm sure a great book can't wait to read it :)

RFTC Blog said...

Great reviews. I can't wait to get my copy to read. So excited.

Johanna Jochum said...

Another great review for this book! I really can't wait to read it! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful and well deserved reviews.

I'm hearing so many good things about this book.

Gotta get my greedy paws on this book.

in Germany

gamistress66 said...

I enjoyed her 1st book so not surprised that her current one is receiving such great reviews. Nice to see her getting such praise for her work.

gamistress66 (at)
aol (dot) com

booklover0226 said...

Congrats on the great reviews, Lila. I'm sure you are quite proud and excited.

Tracey D
booklover0226 at gmail dot com

Stephanie M said...

There are some great reviews that make me want to read the book even more.

smccar1 at hotmail dot com

Danielle U said...

I soooo can't wait to read this book! All those reviewers can't be wrong.

Lila DiPasqua said...

*waves* Hi everyone! Thank you for your lovely comments about the book and the reviews it's garnered. I'm so thrilled how well received it's been!

Many hugs,

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