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Thursday, December 16, 2010


~ Excerpt from, "THE FORBIDDEN LOVE"

On a whim Vailean went to the stable and stood in the darkness caressing the back of his horse. Dressed in a trench coat, he could feel the chill of the December night and longed for a room well heated with wood fire. In the light of the torches affixed in the corridor connecting the stable to the living quarters he saw her.

To say she was beautiful would have been a gross understatement; her white skin had the freshness of a dew covered rosebud on a wintery morning and her features that of a doll. Her hazel eyes had the innocence of toddler and inquiry of youth. Her long golden hair overflowed behind her and she floated away as if in a dream, leaving her admirer awestruck.

The large town square of Dunvegan Castle was host a travelling fete of gypsies that the king has invited especially for the holiday season. It was a riot of colors, a noisy and overcrowded place with tents, stalls and flea market. Palm readers, crystal-gazers, knife-throwers, fire-eaters, massage healers, antique sellers – you name it and it could be found in the fair.

Amidst the crowd of shoppers, thrill-revelers and holidaying families was a handsome youth dressed in a smart shirt and kilt. He could have easily been mistaken for the son of a wealthy merchant and the prince preferred to keep his identity a secret. He was there for a rendezvous set up by the clown with his lady love Marietta. The girls were out to visit the carnival in the afternoon and the jester had taken promise from the melodic singer to meet a good friend of his.


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Anonymous said...

Hello, ladies!
Your spotlight book looks excellent! Glad I still have Christmas money left!
I also like your site-- glad I found it.

booklover0226 said...

I liked the excerpt and look forward in reading more.

Tracey D
booklover0226 at gmail dot com

alan nayes said...

hi vic, is it too late for the contest. enjoyed reading your comments.

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