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Thursday, April 21, 2011

COMING SOON from Nicole North, ......... SCOUNDREL IN A KILT...*Contest*

Coming in July '11 from Red Sage Publishing... Scoundrel in a Kilt in Secrets Volume 30 Desires Unleashed anthology.
When a shape-shifting Highland chieftain and a modern day supermodel meet in 1621 Scotland, neither will ever forget their earthshaking erotic connection.
Brodie, Chieftain of Clan MacCain is a dark, sexual scoundrel living in 1621 Scotland. He loves nothing more than being a selkie shape-shifter even if he has been cursed by a dark witch. He embraces his selkie powers and their sensual lifestyle, but his human clan disapproves.

After a high fashion photo shoot in the Scottish Highlands, modern day model Erin Schultz is trying to recuperate from one of the worst days of her life when a hot, kilted warrior invades her dreams. He inflames her desires but refuses to satisfy them. In the next instant, she finds herself stranded on an icy rock in the dark ocean. The delicious Highlander from her dream comes to her rescue, but this time he’s far more than a fantasy.  He’s real and he’s naked. When he accidentally gives her a lust potion, will he appease her intense arousal or leave her in torment?

Because of a past betrayal, Brodie dares not trust another woman, especially one as beautiful, spellbinding and wanton as Erin. If he takes her as he yearns to do—as she begs him to do—will he no longer be a selkie? When Erin realizes she has time-traveled four hundred years into the past, a time of powerful witches and barbaric enemies, she’s determined to return to her normal life in present day. Though leaving Brodie will devastate her, she can’t give up her dreams, ignore her responsibilities or go back on important promises she’s made. By giving her what she wants most, will Brodie destroy himself?

This is the third story in my Shapeshifters in Kilts series, behind Devil in a Kilt and Beast in a Kilt.

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Nicole will be giving away an E-copy of LAIRD OF DARKNESS to one lucky commenter. Winner will be picked at RANDOM once the SPOTLIGHT is over! Please leave your E-mail address so we may contact you should you win!! Good luck!


Cathy M said...

Congrats Nicole, I don't think I've read a selkie shapeshifter story before. And a July release gives me a chance to get caught up on the first two stories of your Shapeshifter in Kilts series.

caity_mack at yahoo dot com

Angela Johnson said...

Time-travel. Scotland. Sexy scoundrel in Kilt. Lust potion. What a delicious combination.

Thanks for the opportunity to win Laird of Darkness, Nicole


Lori said...

I love your excerpt can't wait to read it

Nicole North said...

Thanks, Cathy! I'm hoping you find it to be sort of a unique story concept. I love writing shapeshifters and Scottish legends! I hope you enjoy them all! The three heroes are best friends. They all meet up again in this story to try and talk some sense into (very stubborn) Brodie. :)

Nicole North said...

Angela, thanks! I hope you like the combination. :) I had fun with it.

Nicole North said...

Lori, thanks! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! :)

Sarah Hoss said...

I love Nicole's books and I can't wait to get my hands on this one as well.

Good luck Nicole.

Nicole North said...

Oh thanks, Sarah!! Hope you like it. It's a scorcher. LOL

StacieDM said...

Scoundrel in a Kilt sounds lovely! Congrats on your future release!

user1123 AT comcast DOT net

A.W. McQueen said...

Nicole, I am just going to tell you (NO PRESSURE HERE) that this comes out two days before my birthday.

YEP TWO DAYS... and you know what I want for my birthday. I want me some Nicole North books...I want this book.

NO PRESSURE though. :-D

Nicole North said...

Stacie, thanks so much!!

Lizzie, when is your birthday? Actually I don't know the exact day Scoundrel will be released. I'm assuming late July. Last year the Secrets Volume was released around the 25th. Thanks for not putting any pressure on me though. LOL!!!!! And I hope it will live up to expectations. :) Hugs!!!!

A.W. McQueen said...

*snicker* I am just teasing you sweetie. I would never pressure you that way. :-D

Chicks of Characterization said...

I want to THANK Nicole for hanging out with us all week!

Nicole is such a talented writer, and I am proud to call her my friend!

I see GREAT things in Nicole's future and I cannot wait to read her latest release!!

I wish you all the best Nicole!!! Thanks again for the HONOR of allowing me to feature your work!!!!

~Andrea :O)

Nicole North said...

Andrea, thanks so much for allowing me to be here this week!! That's very generous of you!! I've enjoyed it so much!!

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