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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Review for LOVE TO THE RESCUE by Nancy Lennea

~REVIEW by BabsBookBistro

Josie or as Pete calls her Joe, is Pete's partner. They are both Paramedic-firefighters in a small college town. Joe is a smart young women a bit naive in some ways and a bit of a klutz at times. She is not your typical female, she likes her baggy uniform and likes to work out. She rarely wears make up or dress clothes. Growing up with 4 brothers can do that to a gal. She starts to fall for Pete and wants him to notice her, but she is not pretty like the girls he is known to associate with.

Pete yearns for Josie, but knows he is not the right man for her. He worries about his past and doesn't want to be tide down. He drinks to forget and ends up in trouble. As Pete tries to move their working relationship into something more, his past comes crashing into his life. He is afraid everything will come out and Joe will not want him or worse be afraid of him. Will Joe understand what happened 6 years ago?

I loved this book for a few reasons. These two characters are carried over from Nancy's other book Destiny's Mountain. It is not a series and are stand alone books. I was hoping to learn more about these 2 characters and glad this book came out.

Nancy's writing style is edgy, provocative and realistic. The fire and rescue scenes were spot on with her background as being an EMT and volunteer firefighter. The setting in New Hampshire and the small college town was perfect. I could picture myself along with the characters in the story. It is easy to picture the places that are mentioned in this book.

The story grabs you and won't let you go till the end. A fiery must read.

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Nancy Lee Badger said...

I really appreciate all the comments left over the last couple of days and hope people come back on FRIDAY to enter the contest. Things are better on the home front, now, safe at home. Thanks for the thoughts!

Chicks of Characterization said...

So glad to hear from you Nancy! I was getting worried about you! So glad to hear you are home!

Andrea :O)

Alexa said...

GREAT review, Nancy! Congratulations!

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Brenna Ash said...

Glad your back at home and safe, Nancy. What a great review! Can't wait to read the excerpt when it's posted!

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