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Thursday, January 5, 2012

HE OF THE FIERY SWORD Time Guardians Book 3

A man must live before becoming king...Only legends can save them now.

He, Arthur, is a reflection of luck, an abomination. He can feel the love, the pain, the sorrow, and the joy of all the ages. If he doesn't save the Druid he is sent to find, all known history could change. 
Some things are worth dying for. But first a man must live.
Arthur didn't count on becoming human. And now the fairies want him to break dragon law... He never expected his charge to push him to the edge of reason. But a man must live before becoming king.
Fear not. The fairies have a plan.
Trust not the fairies.
Druids wed one soul for eternity to protect the integrity of the timeline. Druid Solas's soul mate was taken from her. Now, an 11th Century Irish bishop stalks her to serve as his mistress. She has nothing left yet everything to live for in creating the historical maps she was sent through time to make. She will break time-travel Code if she submits to another man by allowing even one paradoxical child to muddy history. Then Arthur arrives to save her. He is anything but a time guardian. And a fairy tells her to help him. To ignore a god's instruction could prove detrimental. Yet, every time guardian knows believing the Gods is wielding a double-edged sword. Since it is forbidden for Druids to wield weapons, her future relies on He of the Fiery Sword.
King Arthur is born.

"Arthur is a masterpiece..." ~Diane Mason; The Romance Studio
"If you think you have read every possible spin on King Arthur possible, think one more time. HE OF THE FIERY SWORD is like none of them. Past and future collide and legends meet in this most ambitious of tales. This is a new legend that is designed for the intelligent and imaginative minds out there." 
"He of the Fiery Sword is an outstanding book with a new twist on King Arthur. I am an older woman and usallly read books by Mary Higgins Clark and her daughter, Carol Higgins Clark, so this was a very different type of book for me to read. From the very first chapter I was hooked. A dragon changing into human form with all the new feelings and experiences that go with it made for very stimulating reading. I felt his pain and his joy and I laughed and cried right along with him. It was an incredible tale and I couldn't wait to see what awaited them next. I recommend this book for all ages - it leaves you with a good feeling." 
~Carolyn Cole (posted on Amazon)
" Great World building This book is a great introduction to Skhye's Time Guardians. Also Arthur as a dragon is a nice twist." ~Beth Caudill (posted at Amazon)
"Skhye Moncrief's fantasy romance, He of the Fiery Sword is a spectacular Irish tale that makes you fall in love with the characters. Beautifully detailed and enthralling, Ms. Moncrief's tale is addicting! I was hooked from the beginning, and could not wait to see what misfortune or adventure was yet to come. A wondrous read through and through. " ~Crystal;
"He of the Fiery Sword, by author Skhye Moncrief, is a historical tale splashed with fantasy, and a thought- provoking storyline. This tale is historically accurate and written in vivid detail. For anyone looking for a new spin on a beloved tale, for anyone loving history and fantasy mixed together, then this is the book for you." ~Highland Lassie;


The woman pushed lacy fern fronds aside to crouch at the river's edge. Strengthening sunlight cast her green gown with a brown hue. The outer greenish layer hung over the undergarment of dingy white. I know that much about women's clothing. But rarely did a dragon referee anything like clothing debates among humans.
Wretched creature. Marooning of Time Guardians should be forbidden regardless of the reason.
The woman dipped a palm into the still water. The river's surface broke with a series of concentric dancing ripples, widening as they moved away from the scabs marking her wrists.
A terrible form of torture. Unpardonable.
She rubbed her cheeks with dripping palms.
As if washing with soapy lather. To cleanse herself of her recent plight. Her being resonated with relief. Still exhaustion gripped her essence. I'd do whatever she required of me for assistance. I rose and claimed a space beside her, kneeling.
She shook her glistening fingers at the water, creating a spray of droplets that broke the white surface.
What now? Shall we speak of her captivity?
Her two long braids hung as white as the remnant mist swirling above the river. "Thank you." She locked her Druid-blue gaze on mine.
To stare. To convey a message I was meant to believe. I would prove so. "You're welcome, Solas."
A tingle tickled through my body.
Was this a fever soon to break into a contagious rash. Humans were such sickly creatures. Oh how immortality had so many advantages.
"You couldn't know." She wiped her brow and turned back to the water.
Sorrow squeezed my heart.
Brutally. Consuming every cell in my being. Hers is such a humbled stance too. Why the emotion and body language? I studdied her scabbed wrists, crossed as if they were still bound, skimming my gaze along her arm, up to her finely carved profile.
What is she thinking? I doubted she could hide any emotion from me. Yet, my sensory powers aren't permitted to actually read minds. Praise the Gods for that favor, or I would have gone mad centuries ago. "What can I not know, Solas?"
She stared at the calming water's surface.
A good thing, I suppose.
"I couldn't decide whether to poison Bishop Russel or myself," she blurted matter-of-factly.
Pain jabbed me behind the eye.
With such a heartfelt confession filled with intense pain, she deserved her own star of hope. I would gift her Wee Pix if the cursed fey returned for another round of cajoling.
Solas turned a remorseful gaze to lock on mine. "But I couldn't decide who deserved to die most."
Suicide? The same decision I'd just made for myself. Life. The ultimate madness. And Time did not heal all wounds. Had nothing changed by the date of my creation? How is a dragon to witness so much misery? 
Or live it?

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