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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

SACRIFICIAL HEARTS -Time Guardians Book 1 ...

Spicy Celtic time-travel fantasy romance series

A Time Guardian Valentine's Tale

Alone, Twila Deeds tries to find her lost brother and stumbles upon a cult she believes is preparing to sacrifice her in a Valentines-Day sex ritual. She learns her brother has joined the cult and claims to be saving her by bringing her into the fold. She can't trust her brat brother, a selfish teen who never did anything for anyone. He's got to be dealt with. And she intends to dole out the punishment as revenge for his latest betrayal. Nor dare she trust the cult's gorgeous member who arrives to escort her to the cult's Scottish castle on his motorcycle. She's terrified of motorcycles. And the man forces her to climb aboard at gunpoint. After the terrifying motorcycle ride, she has no intention of falling victim to the sacrificial blade before her baby brother is served his just dessert.

But Illusion manifests as free will. ~1st Point of Time Travel

Gerard Abercrombie can't seem to convince Twila that his time-travel brotherhood has only her welfare in mind before his patience wears thin. Time-travel Code will save him because only the fairies know what the future holds as the Gods send two SACRIFICIAL HEARTS racing toward their destiny.

"Intense, original, suspenseful, and dramatic... an unpredictable, topsy-turvy romance... the suspense builds with every page. In a world where symbols mean everything, magic is the way... SACRIFICIAL HEARTS dramatically offers a romance that is both in and out of time....a very fun read." 
~Snapdragon; Long and Short Reviews

"SACRIFICIAL HEARTS is a very enjoyable ride... a complex story yet completely realistic. Skyhe Moncrief made this such an easy story for me to follow. I was never left confused and I never felt like I was actually in another world. The romantic scenes flow wonderfully... and are never overdone. If you're a reader new to time travel stories, I think SACRIFICIAL HEARTS is a great story to start with." 
~Amanda Haffery

"Interesting characters, a fascinating plot, and a fantasy theme with some twists and turns that this reader never expected were all incorporated into Sacrificial Hearts. I enjoyed the suspense as Twila anticipates her brother's whereabouts. The intensity surrounding Twila and everything she endures to locate Danny keeps the reader on the edge of their seat. Skhye Moncrief spins a different kind of romance: erratic with a blend of diverse characters. The way she interchanges Twila by being frustrated one minute then irritated the next makes her a believable character throughout the story. I could share in some of her sentiments when it came to her brother, not to mention learning how she could be a Druid in this entertaining adventurous ride." ~Linda L., Fallen Angel Reviews

Skhye Moncrief mingles fantasy and love with Scotland, could it get any better? With delightful feisty characters and a well laid out story line, Ms. Moncrief delivers aspectacular tale in SACRIFICIAL HEARTS! A perfect read for Valentines Day that will warm your heart.
 ~Book Reviews by Crystal;


"Hello, castle filled with lunatics." 

The way the hearth's firelight cast shadows on the portraiture hanging along the dark staircase in the entry hall reminded me of Gothic tales. Talk about irony. My life…So much for giving up waiting. I walked right into this nightmare as the stupid virgin. And the whole place smelled of carcinogenic tobacco. 

All the better to kill you with, Twila Deeds.
Scotty eased around me and smiled like a gloating demon. "This way, Miss Deeds. Murdoch is in the library." 
So, the library houses the head demon? "Let's get this over with." I followed Scotty's flapping kilt.
The large man slowed to walk beside me through a gloomy passageway beneath the stairs. Lucky me. The alert and straining muscles on this captor only warned I shouldn't run now.
"Your brother's a remarkable lad," Scotty said.
Right. I outgrew that delusion ages ago when he uttered his first words.
"You should be proud of him," Scotty continued. "He's done something nobody has ever done before."
Forget about men are from Mars and say as little as possible, Venus.
A line of light traced out a doorway's edge. Scotty opened the door. Bright light flooded the hallway.
I was led into a room encircled by floor-to-ceiling bookcases. A redhead who had to be Murdoch stood with his back to the door, scanning a row of books.
Short hair. No white walls. Where are the Feds when a girl needs them?
Murdoch beamed with a smile. "Och! At last, we meet the fair Twila Deeds." The large man strode over to tower beside me in his kilted ensemble.
What is the deal with these guys and kilts? "Nice to meet you. I need to see my brother. Then, I'll be headed home."
Murdoch almost winced.
"She thinks we're going to kill her," Abercrombie timbered behind me.
Killjoy. He deserved a glare. But noting Murdoch's reaction could reveal my future.
"Now, lass, we don't murder lasses." Murdoch patted my shoulder and nudged me toward a brown leather sofa and wing-backed chair. "You sit. We'll discuss what's transpired. You'll be delighted you came."
Sitting and discussing requires more waiting. I planted my heels in the marble floor and locked gazes with the head lunatic. "I've waited long enough. I didn't come here to sit around. If you've got something to say, do so."
He sighed thoughtfully. "Very well. You are now part of a time-traveling operation--thanks to your brother, who hacked into my un-hackable database."
"You're nuts." 

What else needed to be said?
His smile straightened as he nodded. "You could have something there, lass." He exhaled. "I'm the resident mad scientist."
After the discussion on the plane, I shouldn't be surprised. Nope. Not a bit. Abercrombie has to be laughing. I swung my gaze toward him.
Scotty wore an encouraging mask. Abercrombie just seemed attentive.
Are any of these men for real? I locked a doubtful gaze upon Abercrombie. "You promised I could kill my brother before I was sacrificed." Hopefully, I sneered enough to convey my point that he lied.
Abercrombie's blue eyes slowly closed. 


Join us tomorrow  for Book 2-  SWORDSONG ...


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