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Monday, June 18, 2012

Today's Feature- CAPTIVE HEART by Erin O'Quinn... #romance

The Dawn of Ireland Book 3

Captive Heart is the last of The Dawn of Ireland trilogy that tells of the passionate, adventurous life of Caylith and Liam O’Neill in the long-ago Ireland of St. Patrick.

Caylith--beautiful, tempestuous and naive--tries to free a group of captives from harsh bondage, all the while she herself is in emotional shackles . . . for she has allowed herself to be stalked by a brooding, love-sick man--her husband Liam’s own kinsman--who wants her at almost any cost.
Caylith and her sensuous husband become caught up in the adventure of pursuing and capturing the savages who had once taken her mother and of freeing their current victims, even as she struggles to cope with Murdoch, who has found where they are hidden in tacit exchange for her affections.
Caylith becomes more emotionally tormented as she begins to understand the wounds inflicted on her mother, and as she fights against the unseemly feelings of Murdoch--whom she inadvertently inflames even more. At last she confronts first the man who had enslaved the women, and then the man who has tried to bind her to his fevered heart.
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hotcha12 said...


BOOK 3???????


Erin OQuinn said...

Hey, thanks!!

I happen to think they're pretty good...The best part is, I think they get better as they go along. Caylith becomes a more accomplished lover--and that's always interesting--Liam gets a bit more assertive about his own needs, the adventures get just a bit more personal and dangerous.

Wow, I'm grinning at your enthusiasm. Thanks again.

Slán, Erin

Eliza Knight said...

Oh, this sounds like a good read!!! I haven't read the first two, I'll have to put them in my TBR! Thanks for sharing :)

Brenna Ash said...

Captive Heart sounds like a great read. I found another book, er, three books, to add to my TBR pile.

Erin OQuinn said...

Dear Eliza and Brenna,

Each book really does stand on its own...but you're right. It is more fulfilling to know that you've read each one, if they're well done.

I fervently hope I will not disappoint you! I have loved Caylith for a long time. With all her faults, she tells a pretty good story and is excellent at getting into trouble.

Thanks, ladies, for your interest. Slán, Erin

Sky Purington said...

This sounds like a fabulous read!!! Not only do I love all-things-Ireland but books in series. Can't wait to check this one out! :-)

Pat McDermott said...

Love stories set in old Ireland, Erin. I look forward to catching up with yours. Best, Pat

Erin OQuinn said...

Dear Sky and Pat,

Your encouragement is intoxicating on a sober Monday morning....Thanks, both of you!

I can say truthfully that I had a blast writing all three of these books, letting Caylith's naivete and her nose for trouble find some interewting people and adventures.

Thank you so much, and yes, I hope you will be tempted to buy and read them.

Slán, Erin

Miriam Newman said...

If you haven't read these, you're in for a treat. Would a woman with a blog called The Celtic Rose lie? :)

Erin OQuinn said...

Dear Miriam,

Thanks! As I've said often, these three almost wrote themselves. There was a road, a direction, that Caylith had to take--from self-absorbed naivete to a more nuanced kind of maturity; and from a rebellious young girl to a woman who finally understands the pain of motherhood. Here at last, in Captive Heart, she has truly come of age. And yet, in my mind, she ends just as fresh and impudent as ever!

I appreciate your visit, Miriam. Take care. Slán... Erin

Gerri Bowen said...

Hi Erin,
I need to get started reading your books! If Miriam recommends them, they have to be good.

Erin OQuinn said...

Dear Gerri,

I couldn't more agree with you about Miriam's writing. She is a prose artist writing with the pen of a poet, and I have loved The King's Daughter and Scion, not to mention her tart essays on The Blue Rose and other platforms.

Well, yes, I agree--you need to start, perhaps with Storm Maker? LOL, thanks so much for adding your voice this morning. I'm so glad to hear from you!

Slán, Erin

Chicks of Characterization said...

Hi Erin!

It was an HONOR to have you strut your stuff for us!!!

The Dawn of Ireland Series sound like fascinating reads!! Ones which I will be adding to my own TBR list!

We wish you all the best and many, many sales!!! Keep writing!


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