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Friday, June 22, 2012

Today's Feature- SURRENDER by Sophia Johnson #Highlanders

~Book 4 of the Raptor Castle Series~

In the Taming of the Shrew, Katharine met her match in Petruchio. She was fortunate not to be in Elyne of Raptor's shoes. When Elyne goes head to head with Graemme, he checkmates her
every move!

Elyne of Raptor Castle in Scotland is a reckless young woman who seeks to protect herself when her father nearly kills one of her twin brothers then sends him to Kelso Abbey to die. If he thinks so little of a son, he thinks less of a daughter whose only use is to makes a profitable marriage alliance. Afeared he will marry her off to an old man she believes her only hope is to make her father believe she is as strong and tough as her brothers.

Graemme of Clibrick Castle in the Highlands arrives at Raptor late one night. Graemme
determined to intercept his brother, Magnus the Ruthless, the most feared man in the Highlands.
He pursues a woman he once loved, Elyne's beloved friend Muriele. He will take
her back to the Highlands and to face a dreadful punishment. Graemme must prevent him from making a terrible
mistake, for he has learned Muriele is innocent.
All Graemme wanted to do was find Magnus and keep him from making the biggest mistake of his life!

Instead, in the middle of the night, when Chief Broccin of Raptor finds his daughter Elyne in the bailey atop a splendidly naked and wet Graemme of Clibrick, he declares they will wed. If they do not, Graemme will forfeit part of his secret treasures!


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