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Friday, August 17, 2012

Recommended Read- SEDUCTION

By Brenda Joyce
The Spymasters Men Book 1

When seduction becomes betrayal...

Dominic Paget, the earl of Bedford, will do anything to protect his identity so he can resume spying upon Britain’s enemies in the war. Badly wounded, he is put in the care of a beautiful and impoverished gentlewoman, Julianne Greystone, only to discover that her sympathies lie with his enemies. Now he must carefully seduce the woman who has saved his life—hoping she never learns of his betrayal. But on the eve of his return to London, Julianne discovers the truth….

and betrayal becomes love.

Julianne never meant to fall in love with the wounded stranger she was caring for. And she has never despised anyone more than the earl of Bedford, for he is not the revolutionary hero she believed him to be. Determined to forget him, Julianne returns to London to agitate for the Jacobins in France. Yet when she is seized by the authorities for her endeavors, it is Bedford who comes to the rescue. Now Julianne must navigate the intrigues of London, the wild yearnings of her own heart and the explosion of their passion…


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*Loved this book! Cannot wait to read book 2, in the series!!!*


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