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Thursday, May 5, 2011

COMING SOON from Author Rhonda L. PRINT... THE ORDER OF CHAOS ....

One man possessed her heart. The other possessed her soul.

Both had betrayed her.

Leah Wolfe, a federal agent for SINS, Supernatural Investigations of Non-Human Species is determined to move on with her life and master her own gifts, including the ability to speak to the souls of the dead. Her ex-fiancé, Joaquin Wildhorse, was unable to accept her gifts and gave himself to another. Ian Nightwalker was more than willing to soothe her broken heart and use her abilities to seek vengeance on his enemies.

With a prominent member of The Marquis, the vampire ruling council, intent of coming to Leah’s hometown, the threat of Chaos touching everyone she loves brings her down a path that leads to Joaquin and Ian once again.

Is she willing to risk her heart again to save the small desert town she loves?


He turned me around and melted me with a look that skimmed me from the top of my head to the toes of the stiletto heels that I still wore. I started to kick the shoes off but he stopped me. “Leave those on.” His voice grew deeper, sultry.

I did a little spin that would make any runway model proud. He grabbed me and tossed me onto the bed while we laughed. “Yes, definitely keep the shoes on.”

“You owe me.” I reminded him.

He stripped off my jeans and flipped me onto my stomach. He began caressing my neck, my shoulders, then further south; alternating between gentle sweeps of his hands and a firmer kneading motion that sprang Goosebumps from my body. I felt the bra strap come undone before his hands slid to the flimsy piece of elastic of my panties. His fingers trailed them down my legs until he removed them completely. Then those magic fingers began caressing their way up my legs, teasing the tender skin on the back of my knees and inner thighs. I heard the Velcro of my holster tear away and felt the weight of my pistol lift off my waist.

“Nightstand.” He murmured knowing that I felt more secure if I knew where my weapons were.

Then his mouth blazed molten lava on my thighs and I forgot all about weapons.

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A.W. McQueen said...

OMG you can not leave me hanging like this!!! WHAT THE HELL!!!

Andrea, I am going broke from your post on this blog! LOL I have to keep buying more books!

Great post!

Chicks of Characterization said...

We want to THANK Rhonda L Print for taking the time to be with us all last week!

Her SINS novel series sound like fabulous reads!!

Rhonda, we wish you the best of luck with all your future endevours!!!


Rhonda L. Print said...

Thank you for having me on your blog! It was great fun!

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