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Friday, April 11, 2008

The Devil's Daughter, by Laura Drewry

Shoveling sulfur and brimstone could really get a girl down.

When her dad offered freedom from the fiery depths in exchange for one simplesoul-snatching, Lucy Firr jumped at the chance.

With her considerable powers of seduction, she threw herself at rancher Jed Caine.

Yet instead of taking her to bed, he made her muck out the pigsty. It would take the patience of a saint to resist the likes of LucyFirr—and Lord knew Jed was no saint.

The temptress fired his bloodlike no woman he'd ever met.

Why she'd suddenly latched on to him, he had no idea. But the safest place for her—and her virtue—was out in the barn.

Lucy could see the heat in Jed's gaze. But it was the tenderness of his touch and his hard-won smile that undid her.

She was supposed to steal his soul, yet here he was… capturing her heart.

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Nicole North said...

Sounds like a fun and fantastic story, Laura!!

Laura Drewry said...

Thanks, April! I'm giving away free bookmarks and/or cover flats if you'd like one. Just email me at lauradrewry @ (minus the spaces) with your mailing info and I'll get stuff in the mail to you! :)

And thanks again, Andrea & Corrina for posting! You ladies rock!!


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