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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Book Review, "Whispers" by Erin Grady

“If you listen hard enough you will hear their whispered warnings …”

Gracie Beck’s past is shrouded in mystery and painful memories.

Reilly Alexander’s past was one of torment, and its something he doesn’t wish to remember.

Both of them have one thing in common- they left Diablo Springs with no intention of ever going back.

Until now …

But circumstances out of their control draw them back, and together they inadvertently unravel an ancient mystery, stifle a curse and find undying love.

Erin Grady takes us on a journey where past and present collide, where Ghosts, Curses, and outside forces rule the lives of those from Diablo Springs without them knowing it.

This book takes us on a chilling journey, which takes many twists and turns and will keep you guessing and turning pages!

A wonderful read!!! I give this book **** stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Reviewed by Highland Lassie's Reviews- www.highlandlassiesreviews

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