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Sunday, August 31, 2008


Its been awhile since the BOOKWRYMS have had a chat, and for that I apologize. Now with the kids back to school, I hope to be able to keep this more up to date. Anyway with back to school starts the premiere's of all my favorite shows. I just saw a commercial for Survivor, one for the Amazing Race- Yipppeee, and Grey's Anatomy!! Unfortunately nothing yet for LOST, The Tudors or Robin Hood- but hey, I can start off little. :O) My poor TIVO will be working overtime!
So, what shows are you anxiously awaiting? What are you reading???
HAVE AT IT LADIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Meagan Hatfield said...

Prison Break kicks off tomorrow night - I cannot wait!! Squee!!! Michael and Sara are the BEST couple on tv and they will be reunited in one day, three hours and 23 minutes - not like I'm counting or anything. LOL!

If you don't watch, you should check it out. Would I steer you wrong? ;-)

Holly Greenfield said...

Hi Andrea!
I am also eagerly awaiting the return of the Tudors, however it won't be back until 2009 and my guess is mid 2009. I also watch Rescue Me which will not be back until 2009 either! So, these days I watch very little TV. What I do watch is on late at night. I've started watching reruns of That 70's show. --So funny!
Other than that I read and write. Right now, for pleasure, I am reading Melissa Mayhue's Highland Guardian. My TBR pile is huge... I actually have about 3 long rows of books on a shelf that are my TBR pile. I know it's insane. I am very eagerly awaiting September 16th so that I can purchase the next book in KMM's Fever series: Fae Fever.

Cindy K. Green said...

I just finished reading Marly Matthews' Enchanted Beauty. Great romantic fantasy!

I'm looking forward to the final season of Smallville just because I want to see how they are going to end it. That's about it for American television. Yes, I want to see S3 of RH but that is a long ways off. ;)And the new season of Spooks in the UK is going to have Richard Armitage!!

Chicks of Characterization said...

Hey Meagan, Holly & Cindy - No, Meagan you would never steer me wrong I trust you completely!!! I wish I would have started watching Prison Break from the beginning. I've watched a few episodes and I do like it but I'm lost as to what is happening! But Micheal is HOT, HOT, HOT!!! Geesh, Holly doesn't it stink that the Tudors won't be coming on again until 2009??? Ugh, I guess I have to patient though! I've never watched Rescue Me, what's it about? I'm also reading Cornelia Amiri's "Druid Quest" to review. I am soooooooo behind in my reviews, my pile is huge. My TBR pile, the one for my pleasure is way to big, but I keep adding to it!!! :O)I guess we're all insane then!!! hee hee

Awh, Cindy I am so jealous!! I've never heard of SPOOKS, what is that?? Gotta be good if Richard Armitage is in it!! I know- depress me more- I want my Robin and Guy and I want them now!!!!!!!!

Andrea :O)

Estella said...

I don't watch much tv, so don't know one show from another.
I am reading Dead Girls Are Easy by Terri Gary.

Amy C said...

I don't watch TV either. Some of the shows sound good but I can't stay focused long enough before I pick up a book to read.

I'm reading Slave by Cheryl Brooks and His Wicked Sins by Eve Silver. And tomorrow Nalini Singh's new one Hostage to Pleasure finally arrives at my bookstore! So excited, love her books!

Holly-I read Melissa Mayhue. I have really enjoyed her books. I dicovered a new author the other day. Her name is Amy Tolnitch. Her books seem like they would be lighter reads like MM's so I ordered the first two. Their historical fantasy!

Corrina Cowan said...

As for TV shows I'm looking forward to Survivor and AR as well. Moonlight was one of my favorite new shows last year and CBS canceled it...grrr...not happy on that one. I really liked New Amsterdam as well. Hopefully they bring that one back and of course, LOST, RH, but both of those are far off before they start again. There's a new show, Sanctuary, starting Sci-Fi that I want to see.

As for reading I just finished Mindy Klasky's 'Girl's Guide to Witchcraft, 'Night Spell' by Lucinda Betts and 'The Smoke Thief' by Shana Abe. All three were very good. I'm currently reading 'Garden Spells' by Sarah Addison Allen and 'The Kitchen Witch' by Annette Blair.

Hywela Lyn said...

Hi Andrea

I've just finished reading 'The Other Wind' by Ursula Le Guin. I love her 'Earthsea' stories. That's the last one, as far as I know. I have several books by fellow Wild Rose Press authors to be read and as I've just started edits for the sequel to 'Starquest' (released last Friday, *whoops with delight!*) I don't have time to watch much TV. However, like you, I'm awaiting the return of 'Robin Hood' and especially Guy of Gisborne'.

Thanks for mentioning 'Spooks' Cindy. I've only watched a few of that series, but now I now Richard Armitage is going to be in it, that's on my list as well. As I said, I don't watch a lot of TV, but I absolutely love the SF adventure series of the 70s and 80s, Blakes 7, and have all the episodes on DVD and video, so if I want to relax and drool I'll curl up with one of them, and go gooey over Paul Darrow! (The only person who I could ever imagine playing 'Avon' other than Paul Darrow would be - Richard Armitage! (How did you guess) But he does have the same compination of cruelty and charm that PD was able to portray so brilliantly.)


Chicks of Characterization said...

Hey Corrina, Estella, Lyn and Amy- I always say I don't watch much TV either until I see the list of shows that I do watch! Geesh,lol:O) Dead girls are Easy, that sounds like and interesting read. I've never read it but I've heard the name before. I think it has won some awards. Do you like it Estella?

Hey Amy, Eve Silver, huh? I've heard allot of good things about her stories and I have one of them-Dark Desires I think its called. its in my TBR pile. I'll have to write that authors name down- I haven't read Melissa Mayhue but I've heard good things about her too. I just finished and reviewed, "The Devil Wears Tartan" Loved it- I highly recommend it to anyone who loves Scottish Historicals! hey Corrina, how is Annette Blairs book? have you seen the new one she has out? Its a mystery- the cover is pretty eye catching! don't you hate when the networks cancel a really good show?? ticks me off!

I've never heard of Sanctuary, what is that about? Sounds intersting.


Dena said...

Hi Andrea, I have been trying to post here for about a week. Everytime I pushed comment it wouldn't go to them. So finally it worked, yeah!

I love Prison Break and I can understand you feeling lost watching it if you missed the last season. It is so good and fast paced. Maybe you can get the past series? Meagan I'm in total agreement about Michael & Sara, I was thrilled when they decided to bring her back. His brother Dominic Purcell is hot too, I loved him on John Doe.

Corinna, Moonlight was my favorite too and NA was really different and I liked it as well. They always cancel good shows. It sounds like we have the same taste in shows. I'm looking forward to Sanctuary too. I watched Fringe and was blown away. I almost didn't because everytime I watch a new show and like it they cancel them and I'm sick of investing my time for them to take it off the air after a few showings. I'm also looking forward to my favorite Reality show Amazing Race, can't wait!

I finished Return to Summerhouse by Jude Deveraux, it was really good. I started Turbulant Sea by Christine Feehan and it's alright so far, hopefully there will be some action soon.

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