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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


All my bookwyrm friends must be wondering what's happened to me. I really have no excuse other than the usual, things have been really busy. With the holidays right around the corner finding time to sit down and blog is a hard thing to do. And having said that I really don't have a whole lot to talk about. I started four books, and am still reading all four. I haven't reviewed a book in a few months and its probably been that long since I have looked at my MYSPACE page. I know, I need a beating! :O)

So I'll start off by talking about what I am reading. First book is Vanishing Acts by Jodi Picoult. I'm enjoying the book, but not sure if I am going to finish it first or if I am going to finish the two vamp books I started. Yes, you heard it, vamp books. I've never been a huge fan of the Paranormal genre, other than Ghosts, but these two books are keepers. AND yes, I am sure you can figure out the title of one of the books. Ever heard of TWILIGHT? Ha ha, I had heard allot of good things about the book but had always thought it was for young adults and not for old housewives like me! grin* But come to find out its for all ages. I'm enjoying the story and am almost finished it. Next, I am reading Highland Thirst by Hannah Howell and Lynsay Sands. Vamps are a new read for me coming from Hannah but I'm liking it so far. Haven't read Lynsay's story yet, so the jury on her is still out! Speaking of Hannah Howell, I went to a writers conference back in October and guess who I met??? Bet you can't guess! Yes, Hannah Howell- and some other wonderful authors, but thats for my next post! I also thought I was done with my obsession with Anne Boleyn. NOT! I found a book just teetering off the shelf wanting me to buy it. No really, as I walked by it fell off the shelf and landed at my feet. Was it fate? It must have been becuase the title caught my eye immediately. "Lady Raised High," A novel of Anne Boleyn. Probably one of the few I haven't read. So I am really anxious to read it! I need time people!!! ha ha .... hopefully after the holidays things will get back to normal and I will start doing my author interviews and book reviews again- what say you? Do you enjoy them? Want to read more? Please let me know.

And as for TV- When oh when will the TUDORS be back on?? anyone heard anything in the rumor mill? I'm having withdrawals. I did hear that they are filming so that's a plus! The Amazing Race is over and Survivor ends this Sunday. Other than Grey's Anatomy, I won't have anything to watch other than LOST when it premieres on January 21st. Sigh* Not that its a bad thing, it will give me more time to blog and read- right?? lol, so what is everyone else reading, writing or watching????


Eliza Knight said...

Glad you're back!!! With all this wintry weather, you're sure to have plenty of reading time now :)

I've read a ton of e-books lately that were good.

Courting Trouble and Guilty Pleasures by Renee Knowles

I got a sneak peak at Beth Trissel's Through the Fire, which won't be available until May but it was awesome!! So mark your calendars.

I just started reading Fortuna by Joanna Waugh and The Wagonmaster by Nita Wick, and they are both great!

Blackest Heart by Amber Leigh Williams was a heartwrencher.

On The Run, by Judith Rochelle had me on the edge of my seat.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Girl! You and I both have been written off for dead. LOL. This pre-K phase of childhood is driving me witless with all the running around. But the wean sounded out cat, grinned, and told me it was dog--rebellious she is. So, that's about it for the reading. I'm writing another paranormal space opera. Nope, not Time Guardians. Just very different. Looks like you're ready to read it since you've metamorphosed into such a paranormal fan. LOLOLOLLLL

Now, is your tree up with the presents wrapped? Or is that the next fantasy you're going to read?

I have been watching Tougher in Alaska. Alas, there is no kilt sign there... And Eliza's post reminded me that I won a copy of Blackest Heart. Maybe I'll go read it... Take care.

Travis Erwin said...

I'm a big Picoult fan.

Chicks of Characterization said...

Sounds Good, Eliza, hopefully once the new year sets in I can get my butt back in gear, start reviewing and interviewing again!!! Thanks for the heads up on the E-books!!

Chicks of Characterization said...

Thanks for stopping by Travis, the blog has been shamefully neglected for the past month! I appreciate you leaving a comment. I love Picoult too!!

Chicks of Characterization said...

Yes, Skhye we were written off as dead, lets hope we can revive ourselves in the New Year!

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