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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Book Review- Tamed by your Desire by- Jen Holling

Book Review- Brides of The Bloodstone “Tamed by your Desire”
By – Jen Holling

First I’m going to start by saying, I love Jen Holling, her books always provide me with everything I could ever want in a Scottish Historical. With the turn of a page I am transported to the lush Scottish Highlands, back to the magical times of Knights and their Ladies, Warriors and their Woman, a time where honor was based on actions and most were bound to a code. A time of mystery and intrigue, a time I find endlessly fascinating and incredibly drawn too.

I’ve read numerous books by Ms. Holling and she never fails to create sexy, strong willed Highlanders who are not only proud but have huge hearts, men who will never abandon their principles, and will endure anything to keep their people safe. Though far from perfect, these men are selfless, and always strive to do what is right. They will run head long into battle without a second thought. They’re rough, and fearless yet gentle, and loving.

Her Heroines are always a match for her hero’s. The women you find in her books are never meek and whether or not they are afraid, they always speak their minds. They are bold, beautiful, and extremely strong. They guard their hearts the same way the men guard their families. And like all women, they yearn for true love. Ms. Hollings books always allude to a bit of “Magic” and this book is no different.

So I ask you, what more could you ask for in a Romance novel?

Brides of Bloodstone- Tamed by your Desire

Refusing to marry a man she does not love, Fayth Graham is forced to flee her ancestral home. Her freedom is short-lived when she is captured by her most reviled enemy -- Alex Maxwell, who would never forgive her for teasing him mercilessly and then betraying him to her family. Now, as they search for the mystical Bloodstone, she fears he will use her captivity to avenge his savaged pride. But their heated encounters leave them both shaken and Fayth soon suspects that the force that burns between them might, after all, be love....

Fayth and Alex’s love story will keep you turning pages. Can a lifelong hatred keep them apart, or will her abusive brother sell her to the highest bidder? You’ll have to read to find out!

I give this book ***** stars!!!

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