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Friday, March 27, 2009

Book review- Warrior of the Highlands, by Veronica Wolff

While doing research for her dissertation, graduate student Haley Fitzpatrick stumbles upon a strange artifact—which sends her back in time to old Scotland, directly into the path of the notorious Alasdair MacColla, a warrior known for his enormous physical presence and bloodthirsty reputation.
Assuming that this woman with the mysterious accent is an enemy spy, MacColla promptly kidnaps her. But Haley’s beauty and courage strike a chord in the Highlander, awakening a desire in him that he hadn't known existed.
At first Haley’s frightened by her imposing captor. But she soon discovers that MacColla is much more than the brute that modern history describes, and decides she’s meant to be by his side. But unless she can find a way to change the past, the warrior she’s fallen for is destined to meet a tragic end…

I want to start the review by saying that I am NOT a huge fan of time travel. To be honest, I dislike it almost as much as I do shape shifters. BUT, if they are done well I can read them and actually enjoy them! So what drew me to this book, you ask? Well the sexy cover of course! Who can resist a cover with a sexy man wearing a plaid?? I know I can't. So, I read the back and saw that it was a time travel. Was I tempted to put it back? Almost, but that beautiful man on the cover drew my attention back and I said, what the heck! And I am so glad I did! I loved this book!!! I loved the intensity in which MaColla and Haley interacted, and I loved the back story. Ms. Wolff certainly did her homework! This book kept me turning pages late into the night, and sometimes into the wee hours of dawn. I only have one regret. That I didn't read these books in order.... but if the others are anything like WARRIOR, I am sure they can stand on their own! Ms. Wolff has a new fan!! I recommend this book to anyone who loves Scotland, history or just a hearty love story. Becuase Ms. Wolff is right about one thing, in this book- "The only force stronger than time is love ..."

I give this book ***** stars!

And now I have to wait impatiently for her next book- "LORD OF THE HIGHLANDS"

To learn more about Veronica Wolff's WARRIOR OF THE HIGHLANDS, click the links below to be transported to her website.

Read a Sample Chapter!
Read a Sneak Peek


Julie Robinson said...

Beautiful review, Veronica! And totally true.

So when did you say Lord of the Highlands was coming out??

Julie Robinson said...

BTW, Andrea, I didn't know you didn't like time travels! But you're right. Veronica's book, actually all of them, are the exception.

Veronica Wolff said...

OMG, I have been hiding under a rock, and JUST stumbled across this review (thank you, Google Alerts). Thank you, thank you for the kind words! LORD comes out November 3. Hope to run into at National. :)

Julie Robinson said...

Veronica, That must mean you've been writing! I'll just have to look forward to Nov. 3 since I won't be at Nationals. I'll be doing genealogical research with my Mom next week in Texas. Have a great time. Julie

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