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Monday, April 6, 2009

Interview with Author, Eliza Knight

Today I have the pleasure of sitting down with the Author of the Highland Jewel Series, Eliza Knight.


First off I want to tell you that you've been graced by the cover God's. Nothing like a sexy man to grab someone's attention!

First thing I want to know is what inspired you to write, "Love In A Box?"

I wanted to wrap up the Highland Jewel Series, there were several questions left un-answered. In the first book, Warrior In A Box, we meet Donell and Lainie, they are the parents of the hero, Colin in Love In A Box. You also get a brief mention of Sera, the heroine of Love In A Box in the first book and the second, Lady In A Box. Together, Sera and Colin hold the future of the clans in their palms.

Ah, so you would definitely want everyone to read the first two books before reading this one! Well, duh, yeah!!!! :O)

How would you describe your voice?
I like to think of my voice as passionate, strong, a dash of humor, a pinch of sarcasm and a dose of fantasy mixed realism.
I love anything with a bit of sarcasm, becuase really in your own life, no one is serious all the time! Would make one extremely dull, wouldn't you say? lol :O)

What is your favorite part of the writing process?
My favorite part has to be coming up with the story—I get this euphoric flying feeling and I just can’t stop plotting, planning and making my characters come to life.
Its all so exciting isn't it?

How do you come up with your ideas/plots?
They just come to me. I could be doing anything, daydreaming, chores, sleeping, watching a movie, reading a book or taking a walk. From there I work it out in my mind and on paper.

Do you write in long periods or short stretches?
Both. It depends on a number of things. Two mainly being my schedule and if my kids are home or not.
Kids, the writers curse! lol, I know it well!!

How do you decorate your writing space?
Does decorating it with coffee cups and paper count? My desk is seriously disturbing…you’d think I couldn’t get any work done, but whenever I clean it, I just mess it up again. I think the chaos works for me.
Sure, coffee cups work for me! ha ha, sometimes some people thrive in chaos!!! I call it organized chaos!!

Does all your writing take place on a computer or do you ever write using pen and paper?
I write on my computer. I do sometimes take notes on paper, but I’ve never been able to write for long periods of time with paper and pen—it hurts my hands. I also HAVE to use my ergonomic keyboard. Whenever I leave my desk to write elsewhere with my laptop, I end up waking up half the night with wrist cramps. I think this comes from years of piano playing and typing.
Paper just sounds so old school doesn't it? I've heard about the ergonomic keyboards. Do they really help? Ugh, wrist cramps- neck cramps- back ache! writing is hazardous to one's health!

Do you ever act your scenes?
LOL! I’m not telling

Oh, come on that's not fair!!!!! Tell, tell!!!!

How long do you wait once your story is finished to revise it?
This depends on what my deadline is. I always wait at least a few days, to get it out of my system. Recently I was working on a story I thought was HORRIBLE. I waited about 2 months, then went back to revise it—and LOVED it! Go figure…

Do you ever second guess yourself and your writing?
Yes! See above… I do it all the time.

Seems to come with the territory!

Is it necessary to have a critique/writing partner?
For me, it is a must. I like to have a few different eyes look at my work. There are just some things your own eyes won’t pick up on. Sometimes its as simple as their vs. there or as major as, what is the motivation here? It can’t hurt!
I couldn't agree more! A crit partner is woth their weight in gold!

Authors make writing look easy? Is it harder than most people imagine it to be?
Hmm…Okay, writing is easy. Writing a great story is not! It takes practice, skill, imagination, research and lots of editing. Getting published is even harder. I know some writers who’ve been writing for over a decade and are still not published. It’s a difficult business to get into.

That is so true, and most people don't understand that. They think you pick up a pencil and that's it. Its so much more than that.

Which authors are on your Must-Read list?
The list is too long to write here…A short list, if they write a historical, I am all over Ken Follett, Jude Devereux and Julie Garwood.

Has your writing journey been a smooth or bumpy ride?
A little bit of both.

What advice would you give to a new/ aspiring writer?
Keep writing! You have to be persistent. Remember to use rejection as a learning tool. I know it hurts, I’ve been there, but remember some big time authors got hundreds of rejection letters before they made it!
That is sooooooooooooooo true!!!

What is your favorite writing memory?
That would be when I finally sat down, decided I want to write and said “I can do this!” I haven’t stopped since.

Good for you!!! I wish I could get to that, "I can do this moment," I'm still in the I don't think I am cut out for this mode." sigh*

Do you have more than one book out now?
I do. The three stories of my series, Highland Jewel Series are out now with The Wild Rose Press, and I have a Regency out with TWRP as well. Her Captain Returns, is the first in my Men of the Sea Series. To read excerpts, see reviews and book trailers, visit my site:

I want to thank you for being here with me today, Eliza! Its been a pleasure!

To learn more about Eliza and her books, don't forget to visit her website!

Scroll down for a sneak peek at LOVE IN A BOX!!!!


Pat McDermott said...

What an enjoyable interview, ladies! Now I'm really curious to know if Eliza acts out her scenes :-) Best of luck with your writing. Thank you, Andrea, for giving us a special glimpse of this talented author.

Eliza Knight said...

LOL!!! Thanks Pat, but I'll never tell!

Lexi said...

Great interview, ladies!

Julie Robinson said...

Well I'm sorry I missed your day, Eliza!! I enjoyed learning about you. I didn't realize you played the piano too! Do you keep up with it or have you introduced your kids to music?

Thanks for the advice. I need to get that positive attitude and just do it!


mjmuse said...

t know this is OT, but LOVE your hair, Eliza!

mjmuse said...

I know this is OT but LOVE your hair, Eliza!

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