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Friday, October 9, 2009

The SPOTLIGHT is on, Cara Marsi!

Cara Marsi (aka Carolyn Matkowsky) is a Delaware native who managed to escape the state for several years to live in Canada and Pennsylvania. Sadly, they found her and brought her back. A former corporate drone and cubicle dweller, she is now happily unemployed and writing full time. Writing romance feeds her creative cravings. Cara has been writing stories in her head since she was a child and always dreamed of being a writer. After a lifetime in the corporate world, she decided to pursue her dream and put her stories to paper. She joined Romance Writers of America and absorbed all she could about writing romance. After ten long years of hard work and rejections, she sold her first book to Avalon, A CATERED AFFAIR, written under the name Carolyn Matkowsky. Her latest book, written under Cara Marsi, is LOGAN’S REDEMPTION, a romantic suspense, from The Wild Rose Press, She has gone to the dark side and just completed a werewolf paranormal. Cara is a member of RWA, NJRW, Elements RWA and VFRW and lives in Delaware with her husband and a fat black cat named Killer.
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Doriana Callahan, the Vice President of Project Development is in a pickle. Her father, Dan Callahan, CEO of Callahan Construction has hired a man from her past to work with her. Even though it will only be temporary, Doriana doesn’t need this person back in her life. At least she keeps telling herself that. Years ago when she was only seventeen, scared and humiliated, she had loved one man. The man who was the father of her baby, but he left without a word. Now that he has returned, she tries to hide the fact that her teenage son, Josh is Logan’s son. To make matters worse, someone is vandalizing her father’s company and she is certain following her. Josh doesn’t help matters. The defiant son seriously needs an attitude adjustment. The return of Logan Turner only piles more stress upon her. She never forgot him. Logan felt he never fit in Doriana’s world. He wanted to be a part of her life until something happened, and he had to leave. Now that he is back, those warm feelings of years ago return. He informs her he can stay as long as necessary with the job. More importantly he needs the job, and since her father trust him, Logan insist they make the best of things. He has to find a way for her to forgive him. He is stunned that Doriana kept the news that her teenage son is his but wants to get to know Josh and be a father to him. After hearing the danger that Doriana faces, Logan eagerly jumps in to offer her protection. He will do what he can to safeguard her and Josh while trying to stop the person that threatens her and regain what they had years ago. Logan’s Redemption has all the elements that keep the pages turning: passion, romance, thrills and suspense. I love the tight-knit conversation, not only with Doriana and Logan, but when she speaks with her father concerning matters. Cara Marsi captures the essence of each character and brings them to life. I loved how brave Logan was when it came to protecting Doriana. The deep emotions he feels toward Doriana and Josh is remarkable. I was immediately hooked once I started this page-turner. Each time I wanted to stop to go do something else, I said, no, not yet. This storyline is so fantastic The intensity of the players practically leaps out at the reader. This is my first book by Ms. Marsi and most assuredly won’t be my last.
Reviewed by: Linda L.

Doriana Callahan is having a rough time. She is being stalked. Her son is rebelling and being secretive. Someone is sabotaging her father’s company and stealing bids. Then, on top of that, Logan Tanner has been hired by her father to be her new personal assistant. Years ago Logan and Dori were inseparable and when he left without a word, he broke Dori’s heart. Now, it seems that he is back in town and suddenly Dori has a sixteen-year-old dilemma on her hands whose name happens to be Josh. Logan Tanner regrets leaving Dori so long ago. Sixteen years prior he did something so awful that he had to run, and run he did – away from Dori and away from the son he never knew existed. Hired by Dori’s father, Logan must find the person responsible for single-handedly trying to ruin the family business. When he accomplishes what he has been hired to do, where will he go from there? Hopefully, straight into Dori’s arms forever. Logan’s Redemption grabbed me with the blurb. I adore stories of lost lovers reuniting again years later. I just knew that Logan and Dori would be together and loved reading how their relationship had to grow and each character had to come to grips with their respective pasts. Logan had a bit more baggage than Dori and his forgiving of himself was hard for him to do. Dori’s guilt was in not telling Logan immediately about the stork visiting her almost sixteen years ago. I couldn’t blame Logan for his anger but the storyline was written well enough that I know why Dori made the decisions she made.
I really liked the plot and premise of Logan’s Redemption. As a reviewer, only one thing really stood out in my mind and bothered me. It is minor but I feel it must be mentioned. It seems as if I was left hanging when Josh ran into trouble. Nothing was mentioned about his recovery, etc. At the end of the book, I was left not knowing his prognosis or what happened with that part of the storyline.All in all, I enjoyed Logan’s Redemption very much and would automatically read another novel by Cara Marsi.
Reviewed by Talia Ricci.
Doriana Callahan's life revolves entirely around her teenage son and her career as a vice president at her father's company. Her life of wealth and success is overshadowed by loneliness and the many wounds inflicted by Logan Tanner, who left while she was pregnant with their son. That would have been the end of their story if her father hadn't hired Logan as a temp while her assistant was out on maternity leave. What she doesn't know is that he is now a corporate investigator working undercover to find out who is sabotaging the company. What he doesn't know is that Doriana's son is his. Keeping their relationship professional becomes all the more difficult as Logan finds himself playing Doriana's protector against a stalker. Through their interaction, and as a tangled web of secrets slowly unravels, a road to healing old wounds is sought. Marsi has a talent for handling a complicated plot. When many levels of secrets enter into a story, some writers have their characters behave well outside their normal intelligence just to make everything work. As a result the plot loses plausibility and feels contrived. This is not the case with Logan's Redemption. Marsi does an excellent job of unraveling secrets and bringing about healing without contrivance. On top of the emotional story, she adds a strong dose of sexual tension that keeps the suspense and desire high with each turn of the page. Logan's Redemption should definitely be added to your must-read list.
sexual warmth- 4 stars
overall satisfaction- 4 hearts
Logan Tanner is a security specialist and has been hired by Dan Callahan to discover who is leaking vital corporate information to his competitors. It’s been over sixteen years since Logan left Philadelphia. Dan Callahan doesn’t even recognize him as a former employee. Logan infiltrates the company as a temp and replaces one of the VP’s secretaries out on maternity leave. Of course the VP is Doriana Callahan. Doriana is irritated when her father hires a temp to fill in as her assistant, but it’s nothing compared to the shock when she discovers it's Logan, the father of her fifteen-year-old son. Logan had left suddenly years earlier without warning or explanation. She hadn’t even known how to contact him to tell him about his son. But now he’s back in her life. Logan ’s Redemption is riveting. Doriana is a very likable person. Logan is a strong hero, a warrior. You really want to see things work out for them and their son. This is not only a sizzling romance but also a great suspense. Cara Marsi has written in a strong, vibrant secondary cast of characters which give the story flavor and depth. Ms. Marsi is an excellent author and I’ll definitely look for more of her books. I highly recommend this one!
By Romance Junkies Reviewer:
Overall rating: 4 Hearts
Sensuality rating: Very sensual
Reviewer: Lynn Bushey
Dan Callahan has hired Logan Tanner to sniff out the sabotage within his construction company. Dan has no inkling that Tanner is the father of his almost sixteen-year old grandson Josh. Daughter Doriana is shocked, to say the least. She was in her teens and madly in love with the motorcycle riding Logan when she discovered her pregnancy. Logan left town before she could tell him, his relationship with his own father in shambles. Doriana's family was not happy, but supported her and Josh completely. But Dorie never revealed the identity of the baby's father. She was afraid her father would track him down and hurt him -- and, just possibly, she was ashamed of his lower class upbringing. Now Dorie is Vice President of Project Development in her father's company. Seeing Logan again rekindles the passion within her, but she fears he will just leave again. So she continues to hide his prior relationship to her. The mystery is thoroughly engrossing and well-plotted. The solution is logical, but not obvious. Doriana and Logan are thoroughly fleshed out characters with understandable reactions. Sexy secretary Candi is fascinatingly complex. Josh is going through a normal teen rebellion, complicating his mother's life. The character I found puzzling was Dorie's father. He was paying Logan to work undercover and find the saboteur, yet he was reluctant to blame anyone. He was supportive of his daughter's single parenthood, yet he overrode her decisions on handling Josh. He seemed to give her little credit for her job efforts, while unconditionally spoiling her playboy brother Marco. I found the ending a little too "happily ever after" for everyone, but I did enjoy this tale of first (and last) love.

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