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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Our SPOTLIGHT on Emily Bryan's 'A CHRISTMAS BALL' continues ...

A CHRISTMAS BALL has been blessed by some really terrific reviews. Here’s a sampling:
“Although the title of this anthology sounds terribly traditional, this diverse trio is anything but. From Emily Bryan's "My Lady Below Stairs," the story of a bastard servant girl called in to impersonate her missing aristocratic half-sister with results worthy of Shakespeare, to Ashley's "The Longest Night," in which a shapeshifting nobleman attempts to win the heart of the wary woman he loves while on the trail of a spy, to Alissa Johnson's "Traditions," the tale of an earl who sets out to woo one woman and falls for her intriguing companion instead, these light, entertaining romps are not typical holiday fare.

VERDICT-A unique anthology of Regency holiday novellas that are risqué and diverting, making for an intriguingly off-beat addition to the seasonal slate.” ~ Library Journal

"Three charming authors invite you to the Hartwell House holiday ball, where just about anything can happen - and does! - to the delight of readers who enjoy short, light, delicious love stories that encourage them to feel the pleasure of the season."—RT Book Reviews

"I thoroughly enjoyed each of these wonderful Regency romance stories. Each author has penned a tale that you will find yourself wishing were longer...each of these fine authors have more than done their job in this fantastic anthology." —Night Owl Romance

Note from Emily Bryan: While I appreciate every single review, the ones from readers really touch me. Here’s what someone identifying themselves as J. Still from Bradenton, FL posted on Amazon about

“I often buy Anthologies for one Author and usually the other stories included are not up to par. This is NOT the case with this book! I bought it for Jennifer Ashley's 4th installment of her Nvegarian series. Loved that story but thought Emily Bryan's story was even better. I will definitely be ordering more of her books. She made me laugh out loud, cry and thoroughly enjoy myself in 100 short pages but when the story was over I felt the story was well told and satisfying! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK for all 3 stories!”

And J. Still is not even related to me, I promise!


Note to self: humanize said...

Hi all,

Emily, as you may remember (or not) I'm that girl (did I just said girl?? lol that was funny!) that just started writing her first book and is still studying everything she can about the world of Creative Writing along the way.

So I don't spend much time reading blogs.

But whenever I can, I search the web and try to read something here and there to learn how things are going with several established authors.

It was with great pleasure that I started reading your blog and saw how your writing is relaxed in there and how I love your sense of humor.

I still have a lot of things to read there, specially the tips and advice you offer for beginners, but one of the things I've learned from almost every author I read about is to keep reading, while writing my own book. So I'm reading all 7 manuals about Creative Writing that I brought from the library and at the same time I'm reading another book, just the pleasure of it.

After reading your blog, I'm seriously considering searching you up after I finished reading the book I'm in at the moment.

Congratulations to all your success. Hope someday I can earn a career from my love for writing, as well.


EmilyBryan said...

Vanessa, thanks so much for those kind words. I do enjoy blogging. It is a different sort of writing and kind of a good warm up to start my literary day. Glad you enjoy the tone of My goal is to get to know my readers and to let them know me.

I tackle lots of different subjects on the blog and the nuts and bolts of writing is often part of it. Hope to see you there sometime!

Best of luck with your writing!

Unknown said...

Hi Emily, I hope you won't feel like you've been stalked at the end of this week!!! LOL!! I saw your blog today and it's a good one. I have both of Lisa Dale's books in my TBR pile. I have read several reviews on your new book and they've all been wonderful. I think a lot of us are anthology fans. It's nice to have a book for times when we're waiting for someone or something and you can pick it up and read fast. I always have an anthology in my car. See you tomorrow if my memory holds!! Thanks, Sue

EmilyBryan said...

Sue--Not at all! When I did my 50day/50 blog VEXING THE VISCOUNT tour last January, I had a whole little cadre of "blog touristas" following me around cyber-space. So strap on your cyber-stiletto heels (the only kind of stilettos I wear!) and join me any time!

Anonymous said...


The anthology sounds great. Something to put on my Christmas list for my hubby to get me:)

All the best,

EmilyBryan said...

Brenna--If you'd like a signed copy, have him order it from THE BOOK OASIS. It's a great little indie bookstore that stocks autographed copies of all my books.

Anonymous said...

Awesome Emily! Thanks for the info!

librarypat said...

Great reviews. Will let you know what our reading group thinks of the book after our January meeting.
None of them are romance readers, so I'm curious what they'll think of the stories. We got two more members today so are ordering two more books.

Janet Kay Gallagher said...

Hi Emily
I went all over the Spenser House Site.Loved it. They rent it out for occasions. What fun to hold a real Ball in the Ballroom? It would be spetacular! And cost all the money in the world to do it. But it is a wonderful dream.

Skhye said...

What an excellent verdict! Risque. :)

Huge prize: a cache of Time-Guardian treasure. To enter, join me at:

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