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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Join us as our SPOTLIGHT continues, and we find out what people are saying about Peggy Ehrhart and "Sweet Man Is Gone."


I was thrilled with the response to Sweet Man Is Gone:

“. . . blues riffs that are the next best thing to hearing them.”
---Newark Star-Ledger

“Peggy Ehrhart has musicians — and the contemporary blues scene — down cold . . .”---Clea Simon, Theda Krakow Mystery Series

“[Sweet Man Is Gone] reveals the tough, gritty world of fifty dollar gigs, chaotic rehearsals and murder that accompanies the music. Maxx Maxwell, smart, sexy and resourceful, pursues her music and the killer with the same determination.”---Bill Moody, Evan Horne Mystery Series

“In an evocative, stripped-down writing style, Ehrhart drops us smack dab in the middle of the New York indie music scene and Maxx’s struggle to solve the mystery surrounding the death of a bandmate, never sparing the grit, humor and hand-to-mouth nature of this intriguing world she clearly knows firsthand.”---Mark Coggins, Shamus and Barry award-nominated author, August Riordan Mystery Series

And when I learned that the notoriously critical Kirkus Review was reviewing Sweet Man Is Gone, I held my breath. Imagine how relieved I was when I read this:

A blues singer turns detective when her guitarist's death is ruled a suicide.

After one bad relationship with a guitar man, Maxx Maxwell has kept her distance from sexy, talented Jimmy Nashville. But when she arrives at his upper Manhattan apartment to pick him up for a gig, she's stunned to learn that his body has just been discovered in the alley outside. Unable to believe Jimmy killed himself, Maxx keeps calling Stallings, the soon-to-be-retired cop in charge of the case, with contrary evidence. She discovers a tape and some handwritten music in Jimmy's apartment that lead to a recently deceased country singer who led a life just made for sad country songs. When Maxx discovers Jimmy's latest girlfriend, wrist slashed, in her tub, she's even more convinced that a killer is loose and keeps bombarding an uninterested Stallings with theories. Meanwhile, her band is going through problems of its own. After temporarily taking on a guitarist she'd once fired, Maxx begins to wonder if he murdered Jimmy. A mysterious stranger Jimmy had words with at their rehearsal studio brings the case to a boil worthy of a New York summer. Maxx will need all her considerable street smarts and every lucky break she can catch before the puzzle is finally solved.

Maxx's debut has a real feel for the bar-music scene and a gutsy, believable sleuth.

Stop by tomorrow for a sneak peek at Sweet Man Is Gone!

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Janet Kay Gallagher said...

Read all the days so far.
Having the band sounded fun.
Your character sound like good reading. Great reviews.

librarypat said...

Congratulations on the good reviews. It never hurst to have good words out there for your work. Have known a few musicians and know what a hand to mouth existance it can be. Hope this book makes it big for you.

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