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Monday, July 12, 2010

Let's get up close and personal with Author Michele Hart... *contest*

Greetings, Chicks and friends,

I’m Michele Hart, the author of the newly released Mind-Blown, a steamy Sci-Fi Romance brought to you by Siren-BookStrand. It’s a sunny and beautiful day in Florida. I hope it’s beautiful where you are.

It’s Biography Day on Chicks of Characterization, so here’s more than you wanted to know about me:

A latch-key kid raised in Brandon, Florida, Michele found the world outside her house boring, so she lived inside shows about futuristic worlds, fantastic places. Star Trek, Bewitched, Night Stalker. Battlestar Galactica, I Dream of Jeannie, Logan’s Run. Naturally, she found her future in alternate realities! She’s keeping it UNreal.

Transylvanian blood explains her pallor and fangs, the huddling in shadows, that evil snicker. Must be a horror story lurking somewhere in her. When writing a law enforcement character, she gets her concealed weapons permit. Watch out, Florida! When she writes swashbucklers, she takes a few sword-fighting classes. Of course, we’re not saying she did it well…and we’re not giving her a sword. She’s ready for an interstellar space trip, NASA! Get this girl out of here!

Michele’s written Sci-Fi Romance, Erotic Romantic Suspense, and Greek Myth Romantic Comedy in lengths from a 4,000-word short story to a 9-book series. Yeah, she needs a life.

At this very moment, she’s at her computer writing a new story, doing promotions, fixing that “dumb” computer, or sticking her head in a science book, sweating bullets as she labors to understand physics, cosmology, and quantum mechanics. The girl has only so much brain RAM to work with.

Michele’s favorite writers are Katie Macalister for laughs, Jennifer Estep for superheroes, and Alisha Paige for the best werewolves and shapeshifters around.

Visit me and check out my books at:

Read a book and live an adventure. You deserve it.

Peace out,

Michele Hart

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Romance Author~Walk Another World ~ ~

LUMINOUS NIGHTS * coming Sep '10 * Siren-BookStrand


ZERO-G * 28 Days of Heart * All Romance e-Books

NO FUNNY STUFF! * Song of the Muses * The Wild Rose Press
Available in e-Book ISBN#: 1-60601-773-X

*Michele will be giving away an E-copy of MIND-BLOWN to one lucky commenter!*


*yadkny* said...

Hi Michele,
I have heard of you before and I have already added your work to my TBR pile:) Great interview! I love shapeshifters too;)

Tamsyn said...

Thanks for the intro. I see all three falvours of your favourite writers in your writings! Checked out your I Love Shapeshifters website. I love shapeshifters too!

Eliza Knight said...

Your books sound fun! And I wouldn't say you need a life, sounds like you're leading just the life you want to--and an exciting one at that!

Alisha said...

Hi Michele!

Couldn't stop by without waving at you. I'm really enjoying Mind Blown right now. Read some more when the kids were in bed. I love your work! Have a great day!

Michele Hart said...

Hi yadkny, Tamsyn, and Eliza,

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my work. Please stop by Chicks of Characterization all this week for more.

Glad you like my web site, yadkny and Tamsyn. It's got that "lost and tumbling through space" feel. :-)

Yes, Eliza, I am living a pretty good life, creating hunky heroes and brave heroines escaping harrowing situations and melting in one another's arms. I wouldn't trade it.

Good luck to everyone for the book drawing!

And, finally, Alisha. Check's in the mail! :-) Love ya!

Sky Purington said...

Great intro, girl. You always make me smile. It's gotta be in the style of your writing, 'voice' really comes through.

And I second that about Alisha's books!

Be back later in the week.


Brandy B aka Brandlwyne said...

Hi you are a new author for me and I can't wait to look at your books more!!!

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