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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Our SPOTLIGHT wraps up with another look at TAKE IT OFF WARRIOR!


Valerie wandered the halls of Dunvegan Castle and the Fairy Tower . Laird MacLeod had deemed this wing to be hers for the weekend. Paintings lined the walls, from ancient medieval battle scenes to more modern portraits. She smiled as she ran her fingertip over a carved table and came to stop in front of a sculpture. Her gaze widened as she took in the life-sized marble rendition of a warrior, from his Michelangelo feet to the top of his wavy-headed hair. The muscles carved intricately into the marble were so realistic. She reached out and ran her hands over the cool stone. Valerie licked her lips as the cool marble and muscled shape brought wicked images into her mind.

“If only you could come to life,” she murmured, looking down at the plaque at his feet, “Alasdair.”

While her girlfriends were out exploring Skye, she’d be booking the entertainment. And lord, she could only hope at least one was modeled after this sculpture.

Looking at her watch, she realized she still had time before her last “guest” was to arrive. Exotic males dancers had been streaming through the castle doors all morning. Already she’d booked several. She continued down the hall, her finger tracing some of the antique furniture, until she came to the end. An oak door, ancient symbols carved into the wood and a hooped metal handle adorning its face, stood slightly ajar. Curious beyond belief, she eased it open a bit and stuck her head inside. A winding stone staircase was the only thing behind the door. This was a separate set of stairs from the one she’d used earlier in the day to get to her room. Should she go down or up?

From what she’d learned, down would lead her to the sea gate…an eerie place that should only be discovered with a partner. She wasn’t sure she could fare the darkness that seemed to rise from below. Besides, even though she knew things like ghost stories couldn’t possibly be true, if there was a thread of truth to them… She shuddered and rubbed her arms. So many battles had been fought here, so many lives lost.

Just when she was about to turn around and continue toward the great hall, giving up completely on exploring the rooms of the tower, the sun cascaded in through an upper window. Rays spread out like fingers, beckoning her to continue her exploration. Warmth covered her, and suddenly the fear she’d felt was replaced by excitement.

“And the mystery continues…” she whispered as she slipped through the door and began to climb up.


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Traci said...

great blog!! Good luck with this book :)

Paisley Kirkpatrick said...

You know that I love everything Scottish, especially a strong, yummy warrior. Good luck with your book, Eliza!!!

Nancy Lee Badger said...

The only thing better thana man in a kilt isa man without. Love your covers and your titles.Congrats!

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