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Thursday, August 19, 2010

A wee taste of Faith V. Smith's other books! *Last Chance to win!*

Kensington's Soul

Four centuries ago, a spurned lover damned Lord Zachary Kensington to eternity as a vampire. Convinced no woman could love the beast within, he concentrates his attention on the quest for redemption. He now stalks evil in the 21st century, working as a police detective. His job puts him up close and personal with Dr. Miranda James when she is carjacked. The sensual doctor captures his heart, but before he can claim her as his, Zacke's past comes back to haunt him.

Miranda James falls hard and fast for the seductive Detective Zacke Kensington, but the closer she gets to him the more elusive he becomes. His mysterious air grates on her nerves, and when she discovers him kissing a beautiful woman, Miranda is devastated.

Tables turn when ex-lover and vampire Gabriella designates Miranda as her next meal. Miranda swears off men while Zacke vows to stop Gabriella's vindictive murder spree before she turns Savannah into a city of carnage.


Beware What You Wish

Leah Barnett's travel to research a romance novel sends her back two hundred years--right into the bathtub of one hunky half Scot, half English male. His chauvinist attitude stiffens her spine, but his sensual kisses weaken her knees. Not to mention flipping her heart like a kilt in the wind.

Alistair MacKinnon's vow to stay out of trouble falls by the wayside when a sensual, outspoken woman falls into his tub out of nowhere. Her insistence that she's from the future doesn't cause him as much concern as the way his heart thuds just looking at her. He's finally found a woman who sees eye-to-eye with him--even if she does only reach his chest.

When Alistair orders the headstrong Leah to marry him to keep his despicable cousin from taking her to bed, the Scottish-English hottie gets a talking to that singes his ears. But it's not his ears that sting when they find a portal to the future for Leah.


A Vampire with morals and a Doctor who's afraid of monsters.

Dr. Hope Morgan is having erotic dreams. The man who makes her burn with desire is only a figment of her imagination—or so she thinks until she meets him at a party. She fears she is losing her mind and flees the handsome stranger but finds she can’t get him out of her heart.

Miles is over four hundred years old. A bit long in the fang department to fall in love. But when the child he once rescued grows up into a beautiful and sensual woman he can’t keep his heart or desire under control.

He moves Heaven and Earth to protect her when Hope’s life is threatened again, but wonders who will protect her from him.


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booklover0226 said...

Thank goodness today is payday. I think I'll do some book shopping this weekend.

I enjoyed reading the blurbs and look forward in reading Faith's works.

Tracey D
booklover0226 at gmail dot com

Chicks of Characterization said...

I wanted to thank FAITH for hanging out with us all week and for sharing her FABULOUS books with us!!!!!! We wish her the best of luck in all her future endevours and many, many sales!!!! Thanks so much for being with us Faith and if you ever need us again- you know where to find us!!!!

Tracey D, lol, I know!!! Have fun shopping!!

Brandy B aka Brandlwyne said...

Faith thank you fro coming and talking with us this week!!! The exerpt was awesome...


Faith V. Smith said...

Tracey, you make my heart glad!!!!!!!!

Thank you!


Faith V. Smith said...

Hugs and kisses back to the Chicks of Characterization! This had been so fun! I loved it here! I'd love to come back!


Faith V. Smith said...

Brandy, thank you! I am thrilled to find people that like my work!



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