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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Excerpt from Highlander with the Ink ...

Even though she had never drunk in her life, she took a flute full of a liquid. Nancy saw a male come down the stairs who stole the breath right out of her chest. He was wearing tight black jeans that had bleached claw-like marks across the front pockets and they were so tight Nancy wondered how he could even stay in them. He was wearing a black silk shirt with an interesting symbol in gold embroidery where his heart would sit.

The symbol was of a hammer upside down and it had what looked to her like detailed tribal lines through it and around it. He had the same leather cowboy hat on that she did and he was wearing boots with silver shining metal that was wrapped all around the boot only leaving some black leather to show through.

Looking around, Nancy saw that everyone had stopped dead still and were staring up at him with huge, wide eyes. This stranger had black hair that reached down to his hips which he had tied up in a full length pelt tied off with a piece of black leather. That man was completely stunning in the way he moved down the stairs, and even the clinking of his feet against the wood made Nancy's heart feel as if it were up in her throat. The more she tried to tell herself she was being silly the more she got caught up in the image of this man.

“Thank you all for joining me here today and I think we will start the proceedings, now that Nancy is here; who is our dear friend’s only remaining daughter.” The male’s strong voice revealed very heavy and hard words for Nancy to swallow back as she raised her eyes to meet the cool black ones that had very cold blue centres.

Nancy felt herself shiver under the weight of his eyes as she made her way towards him, trying to force her lungs to breathe air in that, if she were honest, didn't seem to want to.

“We know this is a great deal for you to deal with Nancy, as you never knew your father. However, I can tell you that this is because he wished to protect you.” The male’s voice spoke softly, as if he were trying to charm her.

“Protect me from what?” Nancy blurted out, tightened her fingers around the rim of her bag, as she began to shake with a mixture of emotions that felt like it was going to topple her. This man was telling her that her absent father had been trying to protect her from something, yet she didn't understand what it was that he was meant to have protected her from. She had already lost all her family, and she was more alone than ever and her mind was unable to get control over itself.

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Brandy B aka Brandlwyne said...

Great exerpt... I cant wait to read and see how all of this happens!!!


Kristal's Blog. said...


It has alot of things happen in it you don't expect or that was what I have been been told by another ladie who read it.

Sorry I have been away, I have been locked out of my emails for days now and still haven't been able to get in.

Kristal x

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