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Thursday, November 25, 2010


Vow of Deception is Angela Johnson’s second book and one to be proud of. Not only is the emotional tie between Rand and Rose strong, but the sexual tension between the two is thicker than London fog. Rand is a man afraid to love for the fear of eventual loss. Rose is a woman who has been beaten and battered (physically and mentally) and wonders if there are any good men in the world. As these two slowly break down their own walls of grief and mistrust, the rays of love, trust and hope begin to shine in their hearts. It is a beautiful journey to witness!As a side note, I must say that I fell in love with Rose’s son Jason from the very first scene. Maybe it is because of my own two little ones, but this little boy stole my heart. My maternal, protective instincts immediately went on alert anytime this little boy appeared in a scene.If you adore medievals as much as I do and enjoy a story full of betrayal, suspense, shock, love and passion, then I would highly recommend you purchase Vow of Deception.
~ Buffie, The Romance Dish

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Angela will be giving away TWO signed copies of VOW OF DECEPTION to TWO lucky commenters!!! So don't miss out on your chance to win- leave your comment today!!!!


Chicks of Characterization said...

I want to THANK Angela for hanging out with us all week! I so love this cover, and the book sounds amazing! Here's keeping my fingers crossed that book three gets picked up REAL soon!!!

We want to wish Angela the best of luck in all her future endeavours!!!!!

:O) Andrea

Angela Johnson said...

Andrea, I loved hanging out with you this week at WRITE LIFE. It's been a blast. You've been great, and I appreciate the opportunity to introduce and talk about VOW OF DECEPTION with your blog readers. And I have FINGERS CROSSED too! Thanks for your well wishes.

I'll still be around tonight for awhile for any comments.

*yadkny* said...

Yes I agree... best of luck with your future endeavours Angela!
The trailer was amazing! I just can't get over that tatoo'd bicep:)

Deanna Jewel said...

Angela, congrats on what sounds like a fantastic read. I love medievals and anything England! Best wishes with the wonderful story.

Karielle Stephanie said...

Ooh I absolutely cannot wait to read this one! It sounds amazing!!



The book looks great, Angela! The premise of the story sounds fascinating

fantasizesgam at gmail dot com (Emily)

Izzy said...

Congrats Angela on the book! I can't wait to read it!

bradunwanted @ yahoo . com

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