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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Excerpt from ERIS ... Warning Adult content...*Contest*

She nodded but couldn’t help feeling sorry. Here she was with family coming out of the woodwork. All Lucien and Ranulf really had were each other.

Now more than ever, she was happy she hadn’t chosen one or the other and broken up their friendship. She still felt like she was coming between them though.

She couldn’t brood over it for long because of Lucien and Ranulf’s ministrations. She made a sound of appreciation and wiggled a little. “That feels wonderful.”

In a normal situation, one or both men would have taken advantage of her position. It didn’t seem like Lucien or Ranulf were going to try anything. They both kept their hands firmly situated on the lower part of her extremities.

That annoyed her a little. She wouldn’t mind if they did try something. She liked when they touched her.

“I think we’re spoiling you,” Ranulf said.

Lucien said, “There is no think about it. We are spoiling her.”

“Call it what you want. Just don’t stop.”

She shifted again and pulled Lucien down for a kiss. He obliged her and even traced the outline of her jaw with his finger, but that was it.

Thinking he just needed a little coaxing, she smoothed her fingers up the inside of his thigh. He sucked in a breath and grabbed her hand. She smiled against his lips and tried to free her hand.

“Stop, Eris,” Lucien whispered, tightening his grip.


Ranulf said, “I might get jealous.”

She smiled at him over her shoulder as she slipped her foot between his legs. “That better?”

Like Lucien, Ranulf caught her foot and held it so she couldn’t move.

“You’re not making it easy to keep this relationship a celibate one,” Lucien said.

“I’m not trying to make it easy.” She freed her hand from him then trailed her fingers over the

very noticeable bulge in his pants. It jumped beneath her fingers. “I’m trying to make it hard. Very hard.”

She was about to undo his zipper when Lucien unseated her and jumped off the couch. He paced to the far end of the room, breathing hard and shoving his hand over and over his head.

“Lucien?” She watched him with concern.

Ranulf stood as well.

Her gaze switched to him. “Ranulf?”

Lucien rasped, “You could tempt a saint, woman.”

“You’re not a saint.” She got off the couch and went to him.

He kept her at arm’s length when she would have hugged him. “You said you wanted to wait.”

“There are a lot of things we can do while we’re waiting. Those things might even convince me to change my mind.”

“You can’t take us both,” Ranulf said. “We still haven’t decided who will be your first.”

“Shouldn’t that be my decision?” she asked.

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Stacey Smith said...

Well this book sounds Hot and complicated.Can't wait to find out how it turns out.

D. Renee Bagby said...

@Stacey - Thanks. And yes, it got very complicated. I almost got lost and I'm the writer. :P I vowed that this would be my only time travel. I'm sure my muse is laughing at me about that though.

~ Renee

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