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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Find out what the Critics are saying about Author Jaydyn Chelcee...*Contest*


Martha- Reviewer for Goodreads, Amazon, &n Romance Junkies Chat group My Rating 4.25 of 5 Stars ... Review for "In the Arms of Danger," Book One in the Montana Men Series...

This was a very steamy read with really likable characters and a sound plot line. The author used old western quotes to begin chapters which I liked. She also wove a good bit of Indian chief history into the witty repartee. Lacey is a feisty, beautiful photo journalist. She is no stranger to danger as she seems a bit reckless in going into wild locales.

She goes alone on a photo shoot into Montana wilderness paying little attention to the many wild animals she might encounter. Then she runs into the real danger of a murderer who realizes his deed was caught on film! Sheriff Danger Blackstone is an intense Native American, alpha male, intent on doing his job. He has caught this stubborn women sneaking in alleys where there has been local trouble. She is reluctant to talk to him because he looks so much like the glimpse she got of the murderer! He becomes frustrated by Lacey's failure to be fully honest with him and he isn't sure he can believe her story, especially when she locks him in his own jail to try to run away!

There is good conflict in the story because Lacey and Danger can not trust each other. That conflict is heightened by the fact that they both are trying to fight their very strong sexual attraction. A lot of the story focuses on their sexual awareness and the relationship that develops as they get stuck together in the wilderness after he rescues her from the flash flood that foiled her escape.

As the book blurb says: "hot nights" indeed! I liked how Danger learns to appreciate Lacey's intelligence, wit and stamina in very rough surroundings and Lacey learns to trust and respond to Danger. There was plenty of action and a few unexpected twists when it comes to the murderer, although the plot seemed to take second place to the sexual tension between the hero and heroine. This was an enjoyable read with more in the series to look forward to! Warning: Explicit language and love scenes.

One great Writer on the Way! Review for No Holds Barred 5 Stars!

Reviewed by Cecile Mcgee

As the title of my review indicates, this is one outstanding writer in the making. Jaydyn Chelcee knows how to put the action, romance and mystery together in a way that makes you want to read until the book is finished without stopping. All the loose ends are tied up until you get to the end of the story. You know that you are going to have to read the next book she writes to see how the ending turns out on the one you are reading. I have never enjoyed anyone’s books more. I have read the two that are currently out and can't wait until the next one comes out. Jaydyn is better than most of the authors that I have read for a long time. Keep it up, Jaydyn, and hurry up and get the third book, TOO CLOSE TO THE FIRE, ready for us.

Overall Rating: 19 of 20 Review of Too Close to the Fire

*GASPING* Wait, I need to catch my breath..........*huffing*.......maybe? no, just a sec......Okay I think I am ready now :) HOLY FLYING MILK COWS, Corina!!!! What a roller coaster ride for the senses! A totally ROCKING next step in this series.

When I started the journey with Danger, I was in love. The next in the series only pulled me in deeper and made me pant and slobber of the next. I have been not so patiently waiting for the third in this nail biting series and at long last it's here!!! I feel like a kid on Christmas morning!!

Oh we find out SOOOOOOOO much that left fans clamoring at the end of the last book. This heart stopping saga had me laughing, crying, gasping, pissed and oh-so-wanting-more!!! For those of us who have been here since the start, you will get questions answered about Lacey and Danger. I know, right? That is WONDERFUL news!!! We get a new couple to fall in love with and follow them through dangers of their own.

For those of you who have not yet experienced this series.....shame shame! It is a tantalizing mix between breathtaking romance, suspense, action/adventure and soap opera! It will pull you in and make you want more, More, MORE!!!! I am already frothing at the mouth for the next installment! I just can't wait. I may wear a hole in my carpet from pacing.

Ms Chelcee, please don't make us wait too long, I'm not sure my heart can take the anticipation :) Romance Reader Seriously Reviewed

*Contest* Jaydyn will be giving away an E-copy of book one in her 'Montana Men' series to one lucky commenter. One winner will be picked at random once the SPOTLIGHT is over. Please leave your E-mail address so we can contact you should you win!


Terra said...

I am sitting on my hands waiting for your new Monatan Men book to hit the book store. You are killing me. Love me some Danger.


Tabitha Shay said...

Hey Terra,
lol...I'm getting it out to readers as fast as I can...but just wait. If u think I'm killing u now,ur really gonna want to read Wild's book once u finish for being such a loyal fan....Jaydyn

Terra said...

Your a tease.


Skhye said...

Ooooooo, now I REALLY am curious. Hot nights in Montana? Sign me up!

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