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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Introduction to FERAL FEVER by Skhye Moncrief *WARNING ADULT CONTENT*

ADULT CONTENT -You MUST be 18 or older to read this excerpt. If not, please exit this post IMMEDIATELY!!!

FERAL FEVER coming April 15th!!!


(They’re nude in a bathing pool.)

My feet came off the pool’s floor with the pressure.

What was he doing? Maybe I’d made a mistake about him.

He stopped where I looked him in the eye and lowered my arms around his neck. “Forgive me,” he whispered. “I didn’t mean to frighten or hurt you.”

If that plea didn’t deserve tears, nothing did. I wrapped my arms around his slick wet hair and clung to the strength in his broad shoulders.

He released me against his beating heart to trail his knuckles down my sides.

Help me, universe. I don’t ever want him to stop.

He watched his hands slide over my hips, down to my thighs where he pulled up my knees and wrapped my legs around his waist before locking his gaze back on me. “I’m always here for you, dear Aisling.”

His hips bent upward to me. Free-handedly, he slowly, purposefully, in one leisurely motion, slid the head of his cock into my core. I was so wet from deprivation that he had no problem with his measured penetration. His hard thickness felt so glorious I could only gape, holding my breath, watching my reaction mirrored in his handsomely rugged features. If angels sang somewhere in the heavens, their voices would have burst from our drugged expressions. But it is rumored only a few can hear angels sing. So, I waited for Lehd to growl a meaty song of possession.

His shaft’s soft root finally spooned my tender vagina.

We gasped for breath.

My pulse beat with his deep within my soul.

Dear creative force is in the universe, thank you for Lehd.

He growled and backed up until he slid my legs at his back atop the ledge and slowly withdrew his amazing firmness.

It wasn’t enough fast enough. “Lehd, on the furs.”

He didn’t argue. My back was on the skins before I could blink, his marvelous hardness still inside me. I slid my legs down, dropping my knees, and grabbing fistfuls of his iron ass.

If he’d only hurry.

His hot sucking lips fell to my neck, then he plowed into my spirit. Again and again. I matched his thrusting hips with the energy only blood lust could give me after a day with three different men. But something told me this day was unusual. Maybe it was Lehd. I grabbed two fistfuls of his harness and hung on.

He plunged his throbbing hardness into me faster and faster until we raced into the darkness of night. Until he drove away any fears I had of being alone while spanking me with the pat of his sac against my ass. Until I couldn’t stop crying out for breath. And I came like a screaming banshee with his overpowering roar of possession in our blue flash of healing light. We clenched together so tightly that his trembling rigid body made me want to cradle him forever.

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Michelle Muse said...

Wow. That was hot! (fanning myself) ;)

Skhye said...

Oops! Forgot I sent that with the info, Andrea! LOL. My publisher is very excited about this story's release!!! The heroine winds up with 5 mates (like this male) by THE END. It was a booger to write...

Thanks, Michelle. :)

Sky Purington said...

Steamin' hot! Loved it! Really looking forward to this one.

Skhye said...

Um, Sky. me too! And these Tiger guys have now infested my series. They're going to be quite lucky in the coming stories. Bwa ha haaa! And to think the heroine in FERAL FEVER gets 5, yep FIVE, Tiger mates! Lucky girl...

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