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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Excerpt & Trailer from HUNTING TUCKER by Annabelle Weston...*Giveaway*


Wild About Bones at Bitten By Paranormal Romance gave it a 3-One Good Howl "A nice little sexy story you can read quickly with a really cute and surprising ending.
It is written in first person from Tucker's point of view. Even before he meets Bailey, he's hard at first sight of her. She's such a mystery and full of contradictions.

I'd rate this on the sexy scale of 1-4 as a 2.5. Tucker gets himself a little sumthin' sumthin' in the men's room of the public library. And there is a bedroom scene that is relatively tame (mechanics wise) but it seems a lot hotter, I guess because it is told from Tucker's point of view instead of as a narrative.

Definitely worth the time to check this out, at only 70 pages you can easily finish it in one sitting. The ending will leave you smiling. I look forward to reading more paranormal romance from Weston."

Reader Review from Barnes and Noble: 5 Stars, from FANtasyreaderSG: "A wild ride. Will keep you reading to the very surprise ending. Truly strange and exotic."

I first saw her at the news kiosk parked in front of the new city library. I won’t lie to you. She was a fine looking woman. Fucking radiant.

Her silky golden hair was pulled back into a ponytail. The sun glinted off her honey-colored skin, which appeared to sparkle but must have been the sunlight catching her just the right way. She was helping the vendor, an odd little man, to his feet. Her white sundress dipped low in the front when she bent down, revealing two perfect, perky breasts. She was wearing one of those see-through bras, and it was doing a commendable job. Dammit if her pink nipples didn’t wink at me. I swallowed, more like gulped. A wave of desire hit me, sweeping over my entire body. I had to clamp my mouth shut before the totally understandable growl rose up my throat and escaped.

A crowd had gathered and I pushed my way to the front of the kiosk and flashed my badge.

“What happened?” I asked the odd man.

She turned a gorgeous pair of brown eyes on me. I was stunned speechless for a moment, almost took a step back. Her gaze seemed to look through me. A woman looks at you like that and you forget what you’re thinking.

2011 © Annabelle Weston

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