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Sunday, January 1, 2012

The WRITE LIFE's Year in Review .... Featured Authors of 2011~

Author Alan Nayes/ Barbary Point

 Author Lainey Bancroft / The Trouble With Tessa

Author Kris Tualla/ A Woman of Choice - A Matter of Principle - A Prince of Norway

Author Miriam Newman/ The Comet
 Author website

Tami Dee/Through a Viking Mist

Zenobia Renquist/Harley on the Rocks
Visit Zenobia Renquist's WEBSITE!

D. Renee Bagby/ERIS
Visit Renee's WEBSITE

Carolyn Poling Schriber/A Scratch with the Rebels

Carolyn Poling Schriber/Beyond All Price

Lizzie T. Leaf/ Beyond Magic

Lizzie T. Leaf/Dead Done Right

Jaydyn Chelcee/Playing for Keeps
Skhye Moncrief/ Feral Fever
Skhye Moncrief/ Feral Flaw

Skhye Moncrief/Feral Fascinations

John Baird/The Great Dane Robbery / Chasing Shadows

John Baird/Chasing Shadows
                                    Eliza Knight/Edit your book in a Month

Renee Vincent/Silent Partner

Nicole North/Scoundrel in a Kilt
Stephanie Dray/ Lily of the Nile

Rhonda L. Print/Nightwalker

Nicole North/Laird of Darkness

Becky Moore/The Penalty Box
Stacey Joy Netzel/ Shattered Trust
Ashley J. Barnard/In Byron's Shadow
Ashley J. Barnard/Shadow Fox
Eliza Knight/A Lady's Charade
Annabelle Weston/Hunting Tucker
Vonda Sinclair/My Wild Highlander
Vonda Sinclair/My Fierce Highlander
M. Leigh Ingles/The Mystery of the Old Black Diary

M. Leigh Ingles/The Mystey at 321 Chestnut Street
Eliza Knight/A Gentleman's Kiss
Eliza Knight /Apocalypse of The Heart
Tami Dee/Innocent Deception
Nancy Badger/Dragon's Curse
Nancy Badger/Dragon in the Mist
Sky Purington /The Victorian Lure
B.J. Scott/ Highland Legacy  Visit B.J. Scott on the Web

Anita Clenney/Embrace the Highland Warrior
Anita Clenney/ Awaken the Highland Warrior
Keta Diablo/Holding on to Heaven
Beth Trissel/ Somewhere the Bells Ring   Visit Beth on the web
Sophia Johnson/Forbidden

Nancy Lennea/Love to the Rescue

*Don't forget to check back with us in 2012 to see who we will be Featuring!!!

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!


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