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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Meet the Author ~ Pat McDermott ...

Born and educated in Boston, Massachusetts, Pat McDermott is the author of a series of romantic action/adventure stories set in an Ireland that might have been.

Glancing Through the Glimmer, her first Young Adult novel, is a prequel to her “Band of Roses” trilogy, coming in 2012 from MuseItUp Publishing.

Her favorite non-writing activities include cooking, reading, music, hiking, music, and traveling, especially to Ireland.

Pat is a member of the New Hampshire Writers’ Project, Seacoast Writers’ Association, Romance Writers of America, and Celtic Hearts Romance Writers. She lives and writes in New Hampshire.

Visit Pat on the web-

* Pat will be giving away an E-copy of her latest Young Adult Release, GLANCING THROUGH THE GLIMMER to one lucky commenter! Your entry must include your E-mail address. No E-mail address, No entry!!! Winner will be picked at random once the SPOTLIGHT is over on March 23, 2012*

Good luck!

*Check back with us tomorrow when we find out what the Critics are saying about Pat and Glancing through the Glimmer!*


Alexa said...

Hi, Pat! **waving** I'm so excited for you!

Miriam Newman said...

Pat, even though YA is not my usual reading material, I have no doubt this book is so charming it's for all ages. Best of luck with it.

Pat McDermott said...

@ Alexa, thanks so much. I appreciate your good wishes!

@ Miriam, thank you too. From what I'm hearing, young adults of all ages are enjoying this one.

Paisley Kirkpatrick said...

Waving, Pat. Well, I know you are a good cook. I have one of your recipes to prove it. :) Irish stew is the best!

I have your story already and if I could just step away from my current story, I could relax with it. Look forward to reading Glancing Through the Glimmer. :)

Pat McDermott said...

Thanks for visiting, Paisley. A bowl of that stew sounded good only two days ago, and I planned to make it. Then it got warm, and today it's in the 80s here in New Hampshire. So bizarre, but I ain't putting my winter clothes away yet! Cheers, Pat.

Chicks of Characterization said...

Thanks everyone for stopping by and showing Pat your support!!!


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