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Monday, March 5, 2012

PROMISE ME FOREVER by Diane Amos ...

Determined to escape her stepfather's cruelty, twenty-two-year-old Elizabeth O'Hara takes
off from Boston with her young brother and sister for Welcome, Montana—depicted in the newspaper as an idyllic community.

Unfortunately, Elizabeth soon discovers the article is a fabrication. Out of money and seeking work, she disguises herself as a nun and enters a rundown saloon. There, she meets Ben Ricker, a local rancher and author of the truth-stretching news article.

Ben hires Sister Elizabeth to help his grandmother, who is going blind. Meanwhile, someone is cutting fences and spooking Ben's herd. Then a dead body turns up on the ranch.

Amid growing danger, this unlikely couple must learn to trust and love each other.


USA TODAY Review (11/16/11)
After reading the back cover copy of Diane Amos' Promise Me Forever, I expected the book to be an intimate, risk-filled, emotionally satisfying Western historical. Amos delivered on that promise—and more. Amos doesn't waste any time getting her story off the ground. Promise Me Forever is fast-paced, endearing and comical, with plenty of good old-fashioned adventure and a slew of secondary characters who heighten the drama and the fun. I enjoyed watching Ben fall in love not only with Elizabeth, but with her young brother and sister as well. The developing family dynamic is truly heartwarming. But don't let that fool you into thinking there's nothing sexy going on! Amos' story is well-structured and unpredictable, her writing vivid. I can easily picture this book as a Hallmark Channel movie of the week!

Booklist STARRED Review (9/15/11)
With delightful characters, humor, and some danger, Amos’ tale of a woman who lands in the wrong place yet finds a slice of heaven will tug at even the toughest heartstrings.”
Publishers Weekly Review (7/29/11)
“Amos (The Legacy) takes readers to the wilds of late 19th-century Montana as a stubborn cowboy learns the true meaning of love. . . .Elizabeth is a standout heroine who remains pretty unflappable despite her brushes with Montana wildlife and Ben's frequent criticism. Fast-paced and engaging, this blithe tale will appeal to fans of historical Western romance.”
“You, Mr. Ricker, are a lowdown scoundrel, a dirty skunk. If I were a man, I’d introduce you to my knuckles.”
“Introduce you to my knuckles? Is that convent talk for punching someone in the nose?”
Her lips parted then clamped shut.
“Sister, would you really punch me?” he asked with a wink and a smile.
She appeared to whisper a silent prayer.
“Isn’t it a sin to hit people for nothing?”
The freckles on her nose ignited as sparks flew from her eyes. “Darn right it’s a sin, but I’d do it and worry about the consequences later.” She inhaled an audible breath and picked up a medium-size box. “Now, cut the bull, Mr. Ricker, where do we put these?”
He hooked one arm on the side the buckboard. “Instead of letting your temper get the best of you, shouldn’t you be saying a prayer or something?”
She swung around and deposited the box on the porch, then turned and shrugged hopelessly. “As far as you’re concerned, Mr. Ricker, one prayer would not suffice.”

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Brenna Ash said...

Awesome reviews on the book, Diane! Congratulations!

hotcha12 said...


Diane said...

Thank you Andrea and Corrina for having me here.

Promise Me Forever is one of favorites! It won the Maggie Award of Excellence years ago. It feels good to finally see this book in print and to know that reviewers love it as much as I do.

Thanks to everyone for joining me here.

Susan Vaughan said...

I loved this book, mostly because of the terrific, unique characters and the emotional, unpredictable plot. Kudos!

Nina Pierce said...

Congratulations on those amazing reviews for the book, Diane. Here's hoping it goes out and finds all kinds of new readers!

Diane said...

Susan and Nina, thanks for stopping by!


Maeve Greyson said...

Sounds like an interesting read. I'm gonna have to check this one out. And congratulations on the great reviews. Positive words from some REAL toughies!

Diane said...

Hi Maeve,

Being a real toughie is the only way to go!


Nancy Lee Badger said...

Lovely reviews, beautiful cover, unique have it all! Good Luck!
Nancy Lee Badger

Diane said...


Southern Fried Dragon--I love the title of your book!


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