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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

10 Interesting facts about the HERO and HEROINE from HER HIGHLAND CHAMPION ...

 (the hero)
*He was adopted by Mary and Donald Findlay when they found him huddled behind their house in the snow. He was 6. His biological father killed his biological mother. (He kept his mother's maiden name as his last name.)

*He met his best friend and IPN colleague, Ian MacKenzie, in school shortly after he moved to the Findlay's home.

*Ian actually recruited Malcolm to work in the International Protective Network.

*He was engaged to be married once. The woman called off the wedding when she found out about his violent childood and because she was afraid he'd turn into his abusive father.

*His adoptive father taught him to use running as a way to deal with his anger and his feelings. He's run ever since no matter which country he's in.

*He listens to alternative music when he runs.
(the heroine)
*Her favorite movie is Indiana Jones-Raiders of the Lost Ark

*She grew up in Cooperstown, New York

*She's an only child whose parents were killed by a drunk driver. She was raised by her mother's sister.

*The Kierlain House, Malcolm's bed and breakfast, was created after I stayed in the
Glenfinnan House Hotel ( in Glenfinnan, Scotland.
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Renee Vincent said...

What a great idea! I love giving ten facts about the story....just makes me that much more interested in reading it. Thanks Alexa and Andrea!

BTW, love the inspiration for the setting of the Bed and Breakfast! Lovely!

Pat McDermott said...

How fun to share your "character sketches" with us, Alexa! Very intriguing, something different. Great way to generate interest in the book!

Vonda Sinclair said...

I agree. These are interesting. I want to figure out some facts about my characters. LOL

Alexa said...

Well, like I said before these characters have lived in my head for over a decade so I've had PLENTY of time to figure them out!

Alexa said...

Oooh, Renee, The Glenfinnan House Hotel is gorgeous! When I started my Scotland stories, I decided to email the hotel and ask them for help about their life, their hotel, their community. They have been sooo wonderful, answering all sorts of questions for several different books and I feel so fortunate they said yes to helping me!

Chicks of Characterization said...

Thanks everyone for stopping by!!! Loved reading more intimate details about your characters!!!!


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